3 Kooky Government Conspiracies!

The government and the military has been influential when it comes to creating stuff that we use in every day life. The specialist military boot? Now part of many people’s every day wear. The microwave oven? The result of research and development into radar technology during World War II.

Despite the positives of technology from government funded projects, there are many that believe in a more sinister side of such tech. I’m not talking about actual warfare, this is about the wacky conspiracy theories that have been bandied about over the years. Here are three of the most classic government conspiracy theories ever!

Beam Of The Crop

There’s a theory that advanced alien civilisations have journeyed light years to come to our planet and communicate with us. There seems to be an odd disparity between the kinds of aliens that visit, however. For example, if they visit the American Midwest, there’s every likelihood of some rather scary ‘probes’. However, if they come to the South of England, they seem a little more keen on making crop circles.

This is, however, ridiculous. It’s actually the military! No, not the probing, the crop circle part. There are theorists who believe that the military is testing microwave cannons, based on the Star Wars anti-nuclear defence platform from Ronald Reagan’s time as President of the USA. Quite why the military is spending millions upon millions to perfect giant doodles is proving hard to explain.

If The Cap Fits…

You do know the government is trying to control you, right? That decision to drive a different way to work? The government. Watching The Voice instead of that fascinating documentary on Einstein? The government. Scary, huh? You know what would stop you from being part of the susceptible herd?

A tin foil hat.

The government has been controlling your every waking thought, some say, through the microwaves emanating from your TV. Oh those pesky microwaves! The only way to shut out these mind control signals is to make yourself a skull cap out of baking foil. Not only will it help you fight against The Man, it makes for some sexy futuristic headgear!*

(*No, it doesn’t.)

Chipped For Action

Not only do the government want to dictate your every waking moment, they want to track you doing it too. That’s why they implant you with microchips while you sleep or undergo surgery. For some reason, it’s worthwhile to spend all that money on research and technology to watch you go to work, and quickly scoot off to do a bit of shopping on your way home again.

Well there you have it. The government is trying to zap you with microwaves, control your mind and watch you wherever you go.

Isn’t it nice to feel important?


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