5 Great Movies Yet To Come

The year is barely half way through but the entertainment world is far from calling it a day with five more breath taking movies yet to be unveiled. The number of movies being produced in the United States has doubled in the in last three years with last year alone doubling the number of movies produced between 2006 and 2009. With Hollywood taking the lead, the world is yet to witness some of most entertaining shows the world has ever seen. Every highly talented actor and actress is working hard to capture the eyes of magnificent producers of Hollywood.

1. The world upside down
Having watched the trailer of “The world upside down,” many people are now eagerly waiting for the launching which is expected to go down in Las Vegas before the end of the year. The trail gives a mix of romance and science fiction. It has a story of two worlds close to each other but separated by forces of gravity. The key actors, Tom Pearl and Sarah Cole, who have been featured by Hollywood superstars’, Jimmie fox and Sarah Anthony, fight for their love despite hardship and hostile antagonistic worlds.

2. Friends without limits
Comedy’s new kid in the block, Kevin Hurt has also announced the launching of the second season of, “Friends without limits.” With the last release still fresh in minds of many impatiently waiting fans, many in the entertainment world believe this movie has the potential to sell more than any other book -labeled movie since time in memorial.

3. Spartans – Season 5
For those who love to watch epic movies, Star production has reviled it will be launching the fifth season of the all-time most watched movie, “Spartans”. Just like “Spartacus” and “Game of Thrones” viewers expect highly violent and dramatic story that will keep many at the edge of their seats. Early Roman society and the Roman Empire is arguably one of the most interesting societies to have lived in the past. Cinema shows to expect incredible turn out when this movie will be launched.

4. Hard to Break
With romance taking the center stage in the entertainment industry, those who were captivated by “Single Ladies” and “House Wives” series have another fantastic movie coming up later in the year in a rather “funny” way. Just the same way “Think like a man” captured huge crowds, ” Hard to Break” is expected to be the talk of town ones it is unveiled. The show has brought together some of the best actors in Hollywood; Nelly, Nicole, Robin Thicke and many more. Many people identify with the dramatic and romantic of life a middle age single American men and women as depicted in the movie, making this movie another block buster.

5. Xylex
Kids are not left behind in the entertainment world as they too have another interesting cartoon show coming in August. Disney World production is coming up with a nice movie from cartoon network. “Xylex” is a movie that tells about a mixture of the stone-age world with a little of adventure. Kids will sure crowed movie stores for this captivating movie from cartoon network.
These are some of the most anticipated movies that are yet to be released. Indeed, alt awaits the viewers and enthusiasts of these movies.

This article was written by Susan Othbark. She is a guest lecturer at 2 major universities and recommends Answers Africa: a website for information and African movie reviews.