5 Interesting Kitchen Gadgets You’d Actually Use

The kitchen is known for its standard appliances and gadgets, such as the toaster oven, spatula, can opener and corn holders. These are all great items to have on hand, but they’re pretty standard and not very exciting.

But innovation has stepped into the kitchen on more than one occasion, and people have created some bizarre creations that you cannot fathom anyone using. But along with those too-strange-to-use items comes those innovative gadgets that are actually useful. The following are five of the most interesting kitchen gadgets that you would actually use.

1. The TACA Cookie Mug

Cookies taste better when dipped in milk or even tea or coffee. But most cups are too small to fit any cookie larger than an Oreo. While you could always break the cookie in half, wouldn’t it be nice if large cookies could just simply fit? Now they can, with the TACACookieMug.

Rather than the original half circle handle found on most mugs, the handle of the TACA Mug is actually an extension of the cup itself, hollowed out so that liquids fill it up, but providing a handle-shape so that you can still pick it up.

2. Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors

Most people have a pair of kitchen shears to snip herbs or cut other foods. While these shears have their benefits, it can be tedious to use them (or even a knife) to cut up small herbs. Enter the QuintupleBladedHerbScissors.

The design of these scissors is basically five scissors in one, allowing you to finely chop and dice herbs. And the best part is that they only cost $10.

3. Pizza Scissors

Chances are you have a pizza cutter at home. Though they’re a great tool to have on hand, they pose some problems. First, you have to let the pizza cool significantly, otherwise the cutter will pull off your cheese. Second, the blades are usually not that sharp, and you may have to travel over the pizza multiple times in order to cut through the crust. Third, if you don’t have a large enough pair, you may find it difficult to cut through pizza that has a large amount of toppings.

Pizzascissors are long bladed scissors that can easily cut through pizza. The handles are used just like regular scissors, so there is no need for additional force. Best of all, the blades separate from the device so that you can wash them. Some pizza scissors also come with an attached wedge to easily serve the slices when cut.

4. Sharky Tea Infuser

If you drink tea, you will love the SharkyTeaInfuser. Simply fill the basket with your favorite tea bag or fresh tea leaves and pop it directly into your tea cup (or bowl or pot to flavor a larger amount). The strainer like bottom allows the flavor of the tea to immerse your water, and the floating fin allows you to easily remove the infuser without putting your fingers in your cup or fussing with a spoon.

5. Twister Fork

Ah spaghetti, the most challenging food to ever eat. Both children and adults struggle with the concept of wrapping the noodles around the fork. That was until the invention of the TwisterFork.

This little invested has beveled edges that keep spaghetti noodles in place and makes twisting them easier to accomplish. This utensil is a necessity for any child or adult who eats spaghetti.

Bailey Powers is a writer and home designer.  She enjoys giving tips on remodeling, design, and home improvement.  Bailey recently got her cabinets replaced by the Drury cabinet company.