Bookworms: 5 Book Series’ You Must Read

It could be that you’re just starting to get into reading and don’t know what’s good, or you’re an avid reader whose exhausted your reading material. Either way, these five series’ will have you dying to read more and more and more. These books are personal favorites of many and even if they’re not worldwide best sellers, they’re all entertaining and provide an exhilarating reading experience. You’re thoroughly encouraged to try them out.

Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin

A fabulous and extensive tale of the struggle for power in the fictional realm resembling medieval Europe called Westeros. Alliances are made and broken as powerful families plot, charm, betray and fight for power. George R.R. Martin is a skillful writer who doesn’t fear shocking his readers with absolutely unexpected events. It’s been converted into a successful and acclaimed TV show. If you haven’t caught up, or even if you’ve already watch the two seasons currently out, this series comes highly recommended. So far, five volumes are out. While the television show is great and does it justice, there’s just no way to fit the enormous universe that Martin has created into a television show.

Lord of the Rings + Hobbit – J. R. R. Tolkien

If you’ve never watched or read the Lord of the Rings trilogy for reasons none of your friends will accept, it’s the perfect time to get into this universe with the upcoming release of An Unexpected Journey, the first installment of the Hobbit trilogy. A timeless classic, this series birthed the fantasy genre. Tolkien’s immersible universe has inspired generations. The Hobbit being released as a trilogy is testament to the enormity and depth of the tale. It’s remarkably simple language makes it accessible to anyone who can read. Read the books before going and seeing the new movies.

The Inheritance Cycle – Christopher Paolini

Don’t judge a book by its cover… or its movie adaptation. There are no excuses for the quality of its movie spin-off Eragon, but the book is in no need of such excuses. Christopher Paolini, despite starting this series at the age of 16, writes a gripping tale of dragons and rebellion. Perhaps a series more fit for teens than adults, it’s a worthwhile read that keeps you wanting more.

Troy – David Gemmell

A grossly underrated series by a grossly underrated author. This series gives depth and incredible magnitude and sophistication to the legendary Trojan War featured in Homer’s Odyssey. This trilogy focuses on a number of characters of different alliances and walks of life and does a fantastic job at putting on a totally different spin on this 4,500 year old tale. The characters are what make the books riveting – they are incredibly relatable, admirable and deep, none of them representing a saint or evil villain and all of them having dreams, motives and regrets. The Trojan War is not the whole story, only arising at the end of the second book. More important are the relationships and struggles that the characters face. This work of historical fiction has all the attributes of wondrous fantasy on the backdrop of real history. Check out this series – you won’t regret this insight into Ancient Greece. For better or worse, it’s nothing like the movie, and that’s a guarantee.

Seven Ancient Wonders – Mathew Reilly

The Australian author renowned for his action-packed novels often featuring international conflict tackles the apocalypse. Seven Ancient Wonders is the first book of a trilogy which is followed by Six Sacred Stones and Five Greatest Warriors respectively. It explores the story of Jack West Jr., the head of a team of representatives from not-so-powerful countries intent on maintaining balance and resisting hegemony. This story resembles that of Indiana Jones only with ten times more action. It’s one of the few enjoyable apocalyptic stories and definitely worth a read.

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