Writing this post might date me a bit, but when I was in high school, one of my favorite places to go was European Connection. A lot of you probably have never heard of it. That’s because, much to my dismay, it’s gone out of business. They made crepes that are to die for. The way they flavored their crepes was amazing. They had a distinctly sweet flavor without being too overwhelming. The texture was just a touch crisp on the outside while moist on the inside. The way they made their crepes seemed to bring out the flavor of whatever you had inside your crepe, be it sweet or savory. Even as I write this, my mouth is salivating at the memory!

I went there a few times a week. Anyone I introduced to the restaurant would instantly become addicted. Yeah – they really were that good. But they slowly went out of business. The first one to close down was the location closest to me (I know, right?). Then the ones that were further away closed down a few years later. I’m really not sure why. I can testify that the location nearest me had a steady flow of customers.

There were other crepe restaurants and delis that opened up, but I just couldn’t be satisfied by them. Sometimes, the crepes would be too soggy or they were too bland. I was getting depressed and losing hope that I would ever get a satisfying crepe fix. However, last weekend was my birthday, and my husband took me to a crepe place that we hadn’t tried yet. I was cautiously optimistic as I looked over the menu. The smells emanating from the back proved appetizing, so I went a head and ordered a savory crepe as well as a dessert crepe.

The verdict? Delicious! The crepes had a fabulous flavor to them. And while they didn’t quite capture that crispy texture that I love so much, they were very well cooked. I had what the menu called “The City Hunter”. It was kind of like a BLT, but with a blend of cream cheese, BBQ sauce and ranch dressing (I know, I know – the calories! Needless to say, I gained a little weight over the weekend.). It may sound like a bit much, but the flavors combined so perfectly to give it a spicy richness that was incredible.

And the dessert crepe? Oh yeah, baby! They have regular dessert crepes with Nutella, strawberries, or lemon custard, but I went for one of the gourmet crepes. It was the Chocolate Tiramisu crepe. Their Tiramisu was divine, combined with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. (There may have been other stuff in there, but I couldn’t identify them.) I left their little establishment quite full and unbelievably pleased. No doubt we’ll be eating there again soon.

It’s called Savory and Sweet, and it’s owned by a couple who moved here from Canada. They also served something called Asian Ice, but we didn’t indulge so I can’t say how great those were. But Asian Ice looks a lot like regular ice cream except it’s made in a very unique way. They also have a pasta menu and a tea menu for those who like to stick to something a little more conservative.

So, happy birthday to me! I finally found a European Connection substitute. 🙂 Anyone who’s looking for a great place to eat out, you’ve got to try Savory and Sweet.

(Pics from Savory and Sweet’s site.)