Deep Facial Cleansing Tips and Tools

We all want healthy, beautiful skin. One of the most basic rules of great skin is to clean it regularly, but a deep clean will be even more beneficial.

A deep clean gets into those pores removing impurities. It also makes your face more receptive to the cleaners you use and the moisturizers you apply afterwards.

One way to get a terrific deep clean is with facial saunas. This article will take a look at these innovative devices as well as other options for getting your skin looking it’ best.

What are Facial Saunas?

Facial saunas are devices with a cone-like shape on the top (that’s where your face goes) and a warm steam/cool mist chamber in its base. To use it, fill the warm steam chamber with water and plug it in. Then proceed with the following steps.

1. Cleanse your face.

2. Start with your face a few inches from the cone to test your level of comfort.

3. Turn the switch to hot. Wait three minutes. Then set time for desired steam time. This is available in increments between 3 and 15 minutes. When the time is done, the sauna will shut off automatically.

4. Cleanse away loosened dirt and oil.

5. Switch the sauna to cool. This will produce the cool mist that will close pores.

6. Wait a few seconds, then set the timer for the desired cool mist treatment time. The facial sauna will automatically shut off when the time is up.

7. Dry face and apply moisturizer.


Exfoliants have small granules in them that help skin open up. They take off the old layer of skin to reveal healthy cells underneath. They will give your face a youthful, healthy glow while diminishing the look of fine lines and discoloration that may be caused by acne or aging.

Exfoliants can be bought in the drug store or you can make your own at home. A sugar and raw honey scrub, for example, will work to exfoliate skin and you can mix it up right in your kitchen. Just combine equal parts honey and brown sugar, rub into your skin for two minutes, and rinse.

Facial Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that washes away dirt, oil and impurities leaving skin soft and smooth. Using a hyaluronic acid cleanser will get you the clean, fresh look you are after.

When looking for a cleanser for your skin, you want to find one made of all natural ingredients and free of irritating chemicals. Hyalogic’s Facial Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid is recommended.

Hyalogic is known for manufacturing innovative hyaluronic acid skin care products. Their facial cleanser is a fragrance free formula that is effective in helping skin retain moisture while absorbing toxins and impurities. It is gluten free, sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free.

People go to great lengths to get their skin looking terrific, but the secret may just be a good deep clean. Facial saunas, cleansers and exfoliants will help you get a glowing look that turns back the hands of time. Which will you be adding to your beauty regimen?