Dieting – Where’s the Support?


Picture taken at The Cheesecake Factory

Okay, I have another rant for ya’ll.

Have you noticed that friends and family around you can be incredibly supportive at times? For instance, I don’t drink alcoholic beverages. When I inform people of my decision, they don’t really get it, but totally respect me for it. There have been times when I’ll go to a party and someone will offer me a beer or something, and someone else will pipe up for me: “Don’t give her that crap! She doesn’t drink, man!” It’s great to be around people who love and respect me for who I am and I really feel like I get a lot of support.

However, I’ve noticed a complete opposite reaction when I tell people that I’m dieting. They all understand why I’m doing it. Just about anyone can relate to having goals to lose weight and get healthier, right? But then the problem occurs when they try to tempt me anyway.

“Just one brownie. You need to indulge every once in a while.”

“One cookie won’t hurt.”

“But these are SO good! You have to try a little.”

Seriously? Maybe it’s just me, but I have to abstain completely when I’m dieting. I actually believe that I’m addicted to unhealthy food. Because if I have that one little portion everyone is trying to convince me to have, it’s like falling off the wagon. And it’s not just for that one time, either. Oh, no! I become this ravenous, compulsive eater for two to five days before I’m so disgusted with myself for yo-yoing my weight (yet again!) that I bring myself under control and get back into the game of dieting.

And even if I try to explain this to others, they still do whatever they can to try and tempt me. I’ve had people bake goodies, put them on a plate, and drop them off at my house. And of course, my kids are so excited to get them that I have to accept them. Sometimes I’m able to hold out and don’t eat any, but other times I break.

So I ask you, what is up with this? Because it’s sugar that I’m trying to stay away from, my friends have suddenly created this sadistic game of “Let’s See How we can Tempt Adrienne”? Because it really is mean, even though it appears that they’re being oh-so very nice by baking me goodies. If I wanted cookies that bad, I can make them for myself! (Seriously, I’m very talented in the baking department.)

The interesting part is that I don’t think they realize how difficult they’re making it for me. They see it as something fun and lighthearted.

And, I am not seriously bothered by the behavior, myself. I can laugh along with this whole scenario and roll my eyes at my friends. But I really think I would have lost a good twenty pounds by now if it wasn’t for people trying to steer me off the path of healthiness.

What experiences have other dieters out there had? Do your friends and family try to bring healthy dishes at a get together just for you, or do they see if they can bring you to the dark side once again? Why do you think people do that anyway?