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So I just posted on FaceBook how it’s so impossible for me to simply tell what my favorite book is. I could give out a list of my top 50 books that I most like, but to simply say “Oh yes, Pride and Prejudice is my absolute favorite book!” just doesn’t work for me. (I did enjoy Pride and Prejudice, by the way.) That being said, today I am going to do a little review on one of my favorite paranormal series. (Note that it’s not just one book, but the whole series, and I have to classify it with a genre because I have other favorite books/series that could be considered a favorite in a different genre. See how complicated this gets when I try to narrow down my favorites?)

Getting back on track here, one of my favorite series is the Fever┬áseries by Karen Marie Moning. In a brief summary, it’s about a young woman named Mac (short for MacKayla) who travels to Dublin, Ireland to investigate her sister’s murder. Once there, she discovers that she’s a Sidhe (pronounced “she”) seer. Someone who can see past the glamour of the Fae to their true self. She meets a mysterious man named Jericho who claims that he will help her if she helps him find a book called the Sinsar Dubh. This dark book holds much power that the Fae royalty would love to have, as well as any other creature that knows of its existence. The series is five books long and each one ends with a major cliffhanger that will have you driving to the bookstore for the next one as soon as humanly possible. I read these books before all five were out, so I was one of the fans that had it pre-ordered and anxiously awaited for the next book release. There were a few times when it took almost two years for the next book to come out. It was enough to have me biting my nails while doing a countdown of when the day would finally come! (What can I say? I’m a total bookworm!)

There are many reasons why I love this series so much, but we’ll just skim off the top for the sake of time. First of all, it has an intricate plot with fabulous twists. Some of them I was able to call, while others blew my mind right out of the water. Secondly, the characters are fabulous. Mac undergoes major emotional transitions and matures along with the books. It’s easy to like her character and root for her from the beginning. Jericho is an absolute mystery. The whole time I read this series, I couldn’t be sure if he was a bad guy or not, but I still wanted Mac to fall in love with him anyway because he had this allure that jumped off the pages. Don’t worry, I won’t give a spoiler alert about him, you’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out if he’ll come through for Mac, or betray her in the end. ­čÖé

Moning also does a wonderful job of creating a crossover of the world as we know it integrated with Celtic mythology. Her take on the Seelie and the Unseelie Fae is creative and dynamic. She makes them very attractive and dangerous at the same time. Moning is able to bring together four or five different groups of characters and integrate them to perform in a plot that will keep you reading through the night and into the day. It’s a series where you just can’t put the book down until you’ve finished it. That alone puts this series into my top favorites list. I think the most successful of authors are those who suck you in so completely that you have to finish the book before you can go back to your normal reality called life.

So there you have it, in a nutshell, why the Fever┬áseries is one of my favorites. I look forward to see if Karen Marie Moning will be coming out with a new series any time soon. If it’s anything like her Fever series, I’ll be one of the first to pre-order her books!


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  1. I guess I can’t be in your “I hate Barrons” club anymore. *sniff* Oh well. He got under my skin gualraldy. Definitely didn’t really like him in this one, in Bloodfever I started to warm up to him in Faefever I started to like him, and now in Dreamfever well I’m all in. lol But I agree. Mac rocks. I love that despite all the chaos going on around her she manages to always try to look her best and maintain her girlishness. That rocks. There’s one part in Dreamfever where she decides she must raid a store for hair dye despite everything going on. It was hilarious, but I still love that girl.My recent post

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