Friday the 13th!

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This is probably not a big surprise to any of you, but Friday the 13th is one of my favorite days. It’s practically like a holiday. Since I was twelve, I have had a scary movie party at my house every Friday the 13th. My friends automatically knew to plan on coming over that night and we’d have yummy food and settle in for a night of thrillers.

Once, my brother and I  threw a party at my grandparents house. I can’t tell you how perfect the setting was. Their home was an old mansion on a farm outside of town. We had a friend, dressed as a police officer, come over and let everyone know that there was an escaped convict on the loose and to be careful. Then, we “killed” our friends off, one at a time. While the group moved from one part of the room to the next (there were clues to let us know what the murderer was after), we would pull someone back, put a line of fake blood across their neck, and put the next clue on their body while they played dead. It was so much fun and everyone loved it.

When I told my husband about these kinds of things I instigated my whole life, he gave me a very peculiar look. It came as a surprise to me that not everyone loves Halloween and Friday the 13th. I realize I’m the odd bird out of almost anyone I know, but it never hit me until I met my husband how different I can be. (Don’t worry, he’s gotten used to me – and still loves me anyway!)

So I was just curious. Does anyone else have a fun tradition they like to do? When you wake up and realize that it’s Friday the 13th, do you get excited, think something bad will happen, or do you just roll your eyes? What movies do you like to watch on this day? Anyone have book they’re going to read tonight?

As for books, I recommend reading The Season of Passage, by Christopher Pike. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. And we can’t forget any number of Stephen King books.

I grew up watching Hitchcock movies, so I always love to put in a classic. I also love a good Tim Burton movie (We’re going to watch Sleepy Hollow tonight – love that one!) I don’t keep to just those ones, but I seem to revert back to them now and again.

Because I’m me, I have to clarify here (I know this blog is getting long, sorry): A scary movie, does not require gore. I’ve watched the classic horrors as well, like Friday the 13th (duh!), and Nightmare on Elm Street. But movies have evolved and I hate to admit, that I I haven’t gone with them. I don’t intend to watch Saw, nor did I care for House of Wax. No. What I really enjoy are movies that are more of psychological thrillers. Think Identity (If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest renting it tonight.) You know, where the setting is creepy, the plot is intense, and you really don’t know what’s going on until the end. Of course, that’s just my opinion. If you like the blood and gore, enjoy yourself tonight.

However you want to celebrate tonight, I hope you enjoy it and that good luck will follow you today!