Great Literary Gift Ideas

It can be really difficult to come up with innovative ideas for gifts year after year and more often than not it’s a last minute dash round the shops to buy some toiletries set or taking the easy option of buying gift vouchers. The old saying goes that it is the thought that counts, and if you put in a little thought to a gift it will be appreciated much more. Theming gifts around someone’s favorite book will be a guaranteed hit, and you don’t have to be terribly creative either.


For Christmas, a Narnia gift is perfect. The land through the back of the wardrobe is chilly and frosty on a permanent basis, and the series of novels have been popular for decades with both children and adults alike. Make up a traditional hamper basket with items associated with the books such as a hat, glove and scarf set, some Turkish delight, a model lion, a copy of the book or a voucher for a digital downloaded copy and a DVD of the film series.

Harry Potter

Everyone loves the stories about Harry and his battle against the evil Lord Voldemort and the books were instant best sellers when released. The perfect gift for a Potter fan is the “Weasley sweater” which Molly Weasley knits for Harry and Ron as a Christmas gift in the first book. Patterns are available to download online, so get out your King Cole DK yarn and needles and get ready for Christmas. Or you can make it easy on yourself and find a turtleneck sweater. If a jumper seems too much of a challenge, make a Gryffindor scarf in stripes of claret and gold King Cole DK yarn and bundle it up with some jelly beans, DVDs of the movies, a pair of toy glasses and a magic wand.


The Twilight series of books and movies has been incredibly popular with the teenage market so if you have an awkward to buy for teenager this could be the perfect choice. Cover a plain cardboard box with black paper and fill it with everything and anything vampire related such as a copy of Dracula, DVD of the Twilight movie, some black nail polish or temporary tattoos, black or lacy clothing and anything else which has a gothic feel to it. The vampire theme is so popular for gifts at the moment that a few minutes on the internet will throw up thousands of possibilities.

James Bond

The movie franchise has a higher profile than the original novels, but James Bond gifts are a great idea for Dads, uncles or brothers. Buy ingredients to make the classic vodka martini, and put them in a smart case alongside a pair of classic cufflinks, a book about code breaking or a spy novel, vouchers for a meal at a posh restaurant or a phrase book for some obscure foreign language. If your budget doesn’t run to a full sized Aston Martin or Jaguar, buy a toy model similar to the ones driven by Bond in the movies and put that in the box too.

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Guest article by blogger M Peers.  Peers is a massive Harry Potter Fan which gave her the inspiration for this article, after she decided to knit a Gryffindor scarf as a present using King Cole dk yarn from Yarnfest’s online store.