Help Me See My Cover!

Hey everyone. I have some very exciting news… My cover is ready! My publisher contacted me to inform me and, according to them, it looks awesome.

You may be asking why I haven’t personally seen it yet. Well, let me explain.

My publicist is having so much fun with me right now. He issued a challenge that I found too difficult to refuse. So, the challenge? I need to get two thousand followers on Twitter to see it.  That’s  the total number of followers I need to have, and since I already have just over a thousand, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It would have to be a total of eight hundred and fifty new followers.

The magic number of two thousand does have a special meaning, by the way. It’s the age of Leisha, a vampire and the main character in Dissension. In fact, according to my fictional novel, two thousand years ago was when vampires first came into existence. So, with this history, it only makes sense that I would need to have two thousand followers before I get to see the cover, right? (If you can’t read the sarcasm, just know that it’s friendly sarcasm pointed at my publicist.)

Plus, my wonderful publisher has made this even more fun. As I continue to get followers, you can watch the progress on their site. Right now, the page just shows a plain book. But as I get more and more followers, the cover will slowly fill in until we’ll be able to see the whole thing. So we all get to discover what the cover art looks like together!

While I’m so incredibly anxious to see what my cover is going to look like, I think my publicist is awesome for coming up with this idea. This way, I will be able to share my excitement with all of you! How fun is that?

Of course, this also means that I need a lot of help. This is where you come in. Please follow me on Twitter. And if you are already following me (thank you!), then please help get the word out so that your friends can help me reveal my cover art. It would be wonderful if I could see my cover as soon as possible, so I appreciate any help that you give with this. I’ve already got over a hundred followers and can see little squares of what the cover will look like, but it’s not nearly enough! Hope you’ll all join me in this exciting reveal.