Home Improvements You Didn’t Know You Needed

There’s no place like home! There is truth to that popular phrase. Your home is a place where you should feel relaxed and comfortable. When you get used to seeing your home everyday, sometimes you don’t notice when there are things that could use some sprucing up. Making some of these small changes can make coming home at the end of a long day even better than it is now!

Fresh Paint

Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint! Over time, the paint on your walls can become dirty or outdated. Choosing a new color, or painting over with the same color just to have a fresh new coat, can make more of a difference than you think! Your walls aren’t the only thing that you can add some fresh paint to. Refinishing certain furniture (such as a wooden coffee table or dressers) can add a whole new look to a room. You can get creative with colors, designs, and finishes. Not only will you have a fresh new look, but it can also be fun!

Home Gym

If you have a room in your home that you don’t use much, or maybe you have some additional space in a garage or yard, adding a home gym can be a life-changing update. Not only are you more likely to get in some heart-healthy exercise if you have gym equipment at home, but you can also give that functional space a functional makeover. Gym equipment is heavy! Make sure you have the help you need to get this equipment delivered to your home. Movin’ is one of the best and top rated Salt Lake City UT long distance moving companies out there. They do it all! Everything from packing to storage and obviously moving – they have you covered. If you are looking for a moving company to help with the heavy lifting, Movin’ can provide reliable service from seasoned professionals, accurate estimates and pricing, and convenient appointment scheduling too.

House Plants

If a home gym and fresh paint are too space-, money-, or time-consuming, opt for an easy and inexpensive way to spruce things up: House plants! House plants have been shown to increase the fresh air in your home; however, they are also a wonderful way to add some color and decoration to a space. There are many different options when it comes to house plants, so visit a home improvement or plant store to pick out your special new decoration. Make sure it is safe for pets if you have any!

A Pet

Speaking of pets.. If you do not already have one, a pet can brighten up a home like nothing else. There is nothing better and more comforting than your pet happily greeting you when you get home! Having certain pets can be a huge commitment, like a dog or cat, but these are not your only options if you’re in a smaller or a home that isn’t pet-friendly. Pets like fish or small birds can brighten up your home and give you some company to welcome you back.

Natural Light

Does your home feel dark and dreary all the time? Open up those blinds! Natural light has been shown to improve happiness and mental health. Letting some sunshine into your home can make it feel brighter and more welcoming. If you can, open up your windows to let in some fresh air, as well! 

Air Purifier

When I first got an Office air purifier, I was shocked at how much dirt and dust was collected on the filter in a very short amount of time. Some of the particles in the air are so small that you can’t see them; however, they are still collecting on surfaces and entering your lungs as you breathe. Investing in a quality air purifier can not only decrease dust on the surfaces in your home, but can quite literally help you breathe easier!