How To Scale Your Real Estate Business Through Podcast

Podcast marketing has been on the rise, with statistics revealing that 104 million Americans listen to podcasts regularly to learn about products before buying them. Companies have been using the strategy as an avenue for telling their brand stories to prospective customers. Podcast marketing is taking the real estate sector by storm. Chris D. Bentley reveals how to speed up your real estate venture’s growth through podcasts.

  1. Create Your Niche 

You can ride on the existing audience by creating professional content that addresses their real estate problems. Developing your niche would help you have the upper hand over the current competing real estate podcasts. You should make the hard-to-get-anywhere-else content that would help you get more fans listening to your podcasts. Having many fans would promote the credibility of your brand leading you to become a real estate authority.

Suppose you build unique real estate stories that no one else can distinguish you as the industry’s trailblazer. Customers have unique specifications for purchasing a dream home or commercial real estate. Develop content that offers solutions to various customers’ pain points that would convince your audience. Having a well-defined niche would increase your lead conversion and closing of the sales deals. 

  1. Leads Generation

Do you know that you can convert your millions of podcast listeners into high sales revenue? You must create creative content that hooks the new audience and motivates them to return and listen to your content. If your podcast talks about mortgages, develop extensively informative content valuable to your audience. Your content should appear new and brings a fresh breath to your brand.

You need to direct your audience to the landing page. The episodes in your podcast should have a Call to Action (CTA) message. You should clearly explain the derived value they will get by purchasing your real estate properties over those of rival realtors. A well-crafted CTA message would increase the chances of converting podcast listeners to loyal customers. 

  1. Improves Your Customers’ Engagement

Podcasts allow you to capture your audience’s attention to your message compared to blogs. Creating a solution for your audience would keep them interested in your podcasts. Describe the feature of your apartments clearly to arouse their interest in viewing their photo, boosting the chances of sealing the deal. You can also ask the listeners questions in your podcast and request them to send a response to you via email. High customer engagement would increase their loyalty to you, boosting the lead conversion rate. 

  1. Improve Customers Experience

Podcasts offer an opportunity for you to educate your customers about your available properties. You can explain to your customers the best mortgages to finance the purchase of their dream home. Listening to your content help you develop confidence in yourself as a trustworthy realtor. Your customers would therefore be willing to commit millions of dollars to buy your properties.

Wrap Up

You can increase your website’s traffic through podcasts, which can convert to your loyal customers. The strategy would also boost your customers’ experience through increased engagement. For more information on leveraging the podcast to upscale your real estate investment, connect with Christ D. Bentley on Twitter at @ or LinkedIn at