Movies versus Books: StarDust

Many novels authored have been viewed by readers to give a clear picture of the real situation based on the characters involved and the vivid descriptions given. However, some of the films have been adapted from the novels. A perfect example is Stardust, a movie that gives a clear reminder of what we have been missing. The movie is well-articulated, contrary to the popular belief films adapted from novels fall below the original novels. This is a view which film producers have stepped up to task and have outdone their publishing counterparts. Stardust is a movie by Charles Vess, based on a novel by Neil Gaiman.

The book, which has been considered to be adult-rated is about a sad romantic affair laced with stunning artwork that is both imaginative and forbidding. Anyone who has read the book will agree with me that Gaiman has authored an astounding piece of work. The book which was originally published in 1997 is a novel rich in artwork blended with a traditional comedy approach. It was later edited in 2000. The book is an amazing piece with Gaiman injecting a lot of creativity in the way he brings out the traits of different characters with absolute ease.

Taking a closer look the analysis of the movie will reveal to you that the movie stars have done their research with an absolute masterpiece and creativity. If you doubt this, then your eyes must be lying. Perhaps that is an optical illusion yet to be unearthed. The aspects in the movie stand out, and action in it reveals the character in a very succinct manner. The suspense created is more unfathomable than the theory you have read. That combined with the magnificent environment, the pleasant scenery and the undulating features, make the movie more breathtaking. The brief mention of the flying merchant ship has been adapted to much better lightening pirates an element that makes the story come out more alive.

The omission of the flying merchant ship in the book left a void that cannot be filled by the reader. This is perfectly brought out in the film with tremendous actions and artwork. The pirates bring out a thought-provoking yet entertaining, hilarious and legendary piece of work. The mercurial back-up performances from the fascinating artists make the film more alluring. Tristan is the star actor, a role he has played with absolute perfection. The other outstanding character, in my opinion, is Captain Shakespeare. The story is not distracted nor the nature of the main characters ruined through the added scenes with the pirates as is normally the case when a film director wants to add more content. The different parts of the book are well selected.

This is seen the way the best parts have been picked and re-birthed into a true story. The worst parts have been overlooked since they do not add much value in the film. The fact that Neil Gaiman is a producer adds a lot of value to the movie as this gives him the much needed expertise to bring out the best movie from a novel – which is a very challenging task. This benefited him in making decisions on which part is critical and which part is not. My advice to you is that even if you are not able to read the book, take the initiative and watch the movie. You will, undoubtedly, like it.

It has been endorsed by other actors as well and mine is only to add icing on the cake. It has featured in the top movie charts across the world. Many thousands of copies have been sold to movie enthusiasts. Though it has taken a long time to piece the film together, it is indisputable that the duration taken is worth it. It is however, important that the film is adult-rated and children should not watch it until they are at the appropriate age.

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