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When you are a bookaholic, getting your hands on the latest book news around the world is imperative. There is much more to being a bookaholic than just reading the actual books. There is a whole other process of looking for the ideal book and finding out what everyone has to say about it. This is why any self-respecting book fanatic will need to get a website that provides them with all this and more.

What to Expect

So, what should you expect from a really good book site? To begin with, you will want to get a site that is up to date on your favorite books. Certain book websites dedicate themselves to specific genres of writing although there are a few sites that are all encompassing. Depending on what kind of books you like, you will be able to narrow down your search for the perfect site to satisfy your bookaholic tendencies. You might find yourself having to check out a couple of different sites before you settle on just one.

Bookaholic Fan Interaction

The second thing you will be looking for in your book website of choice is interaction with like-minded fans. Apart from just reading a book, you want to share your thoughts and pick the brains of other people who have read the book too. That is why you will be looking for a site that lets fellow bookaholics write reviews, blurbs and chat on the books they are currently reading. This is a great way of finding out other books you might be interested in and new releases that you might have been ignorant about.

Author News

Author news is also another important feature in your search for the perfect bookaholismsite. As a fan of a specific author, you are naturally curious to find out what drives them and about the books they might be planning to release in your future. Instead of having to independently look for such information, a great book website should be in a position to provide you with that. That way, you will be instantly aware of new books, author tours and soon by just visiting your favorite site.

Getting Some Freebies

Another great reason to affiliate you with a high quality book website would be the freebies that come with that affiliation. You are informed of when your favorite books are on sale or about any fun competitions that might get you signed copies of books and other fun gifts from your favorite authors. Blog hops are another fun way of getting to find more books and gifts and if you have a bookaholic website to keep you informed, you should have many exciting activities to indulge in.

As a dedicated bookaholic, you want to be in a position where you can find all the information you need under one site. That way you can dedicate the rest if your time to doing what you love; devouring books. Therefore, investing your time in the search of the perfect fit of a website for you would be a truly worthy cause.

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