Sneak Peak at Babes in Spyland

Milkshakes and Sugar LIpsIn anticipation of fellow author, Jo Ann Schneider’s debut release, today’s blog is dedicated to the upcoming launch of Babes in Spyland.

I haven’t had the privilege of reading the book yet, but am dying to get a copy of my own. So just wait – I’ll be posting a review after I finish reading it. Until then, enjoy this excerpt!

(Links to Jo Ann’s blog and other details are below.)

Agent Milkshakes:


Height: 5’-5”

Years with The Super Secret Agency: 3

Preferred Gun: Unknown

Strength: Cool, calm and collective. Plus she makes the best chocolate milkshakes anyone has ever tasted.

Weakness: Good food and all things geeky

Name origin: She foolishly made milkshakes for everyone during an all-nighter case. It stuck.


The sound of a phone being picked up came through the wall. The click click of buttons came just before Milkshakes’ phone started to vibrate in her pocket.


It took almost everything she had not to let out a cry of dismay, and the rest went toward not falling off her perch and breaking her neck. She pulled her phone out as Amphibian Queen opened the door. Milkshakes tumbled off of her pile and squeezed through the gap. With the phone still vibrating in her hand, she looked at the caller ID. Sure enough, Mud.


“Milkshakes here,” she said in greeting.


“I need you to pull the security cameras from all of the locations and times that I am about to send you. Coordinate with Intel and make sure you have this entire route mapped out in less than an hour.”


“Uh…” Milkshakes said.


“Considering the four of you are piled into the supply closet adjoining my office, I don’t think that you need any further explanation.” Mud hung up.


Milkshakes stared at her phone for a second before shaking her head and grinning. How did the supervisor do that? It’s like the woman had eyes in every crack, corner, ceiling tile, and fiber of carpet in the building.

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