Strange Laws You May Not Have Heard Of

In 1965, the UK sought to update its outdated legal system to repeal the thousands of obsolete laws that were on its books. However, many strange laws are still in existence today.

Armour Wearing

MPs are not allowed to wear suits of armour while they are in the House of Commons. This is because it hinders their ability to duel. It is also illegal for anyone to die while in the Houses of Parliament, as this entitles the individual to a state funeral.

Scots within City Walls

In the York, a city in England, you can legally murder a Scotsman within the city walls, but only if he is in possession of a crossbow. It is, however, illegal to murder a crossbow-carrying Scotsman on a Sunday.

Stranded Whales

If you discover a whale stranded on the British Coast, you must offer it to the Crown. You should offer the head to the King and the tail to the Queen.

Cow Driving

It is illegal to drive a cow after having drunk copious amounts of alcohol. The Licensing Act of 1872 states that if you are caught driving a cow while intoxicated, you could face a £200 fine or a prison sentence.

Pelican Touching

Touching a pelican is forbidden under the London, Royal and Other Parks & Gardens Regulations of 1977 (Section 23). However, you are free to perform this act if you have obtained written permission from the park.

Chelsea Pensioner Impersonating

It is illegal to dress up as a Chelsea Pensioner, due to their acclaimed status.

Stamp Sticking

If you stick a stamp featuring the British Monarch upside down or tear it, you will be committing an act of treason.

Mince Pie Eating

A law from the 17th century states that it is illegal to consume mince pies on December the 25th.

Animal Baiting

Under the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839, you cannot use a house, room or pit for the purpose of baiting lions, bears or other types of animals. If you are found to flout this law, you could face a fine.

Welshmen Outside of Wales

In Chester, a city in England, it is legal to kill a Welsh person using a crossbow, so long as the killing occurs within the city walls and is carried out after midnight. Furthermore, Welsh people are forbidden from entering into Chester’s grounds before sunrise. Once they have entered the city, they must not remain there once the sun has set.

Unlicensed Alien Invasions

According to The Outer Space Act 1986 (Section 9), magistrates are allowed to exert “reasonable force” to stop aliens from invading the UK, so long as the aliens have not been granted a licence to invade the country.

Pet Partnership Choices

When George I reigned the country, a law was passed that stated that commoners who permitted their pets to mate with pets from the Royal household would incur a severe penalty.

Hanging Washing

Under the Town Police Causes Act of 1847, you cannot hang your washing across the street, or beat or shake carpets, mats or rugs. You can beat doormats, but only after eight o’clock in the morning.

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