The Best Chase Scenes In Cinema History

Enjoy this guest post about chase scenes! I grew up watching the famously looong one from What’s Up Doc.

Throughout cinema history, there have been hundreds of spectacular chase scenes, gripping the viewer as characters race through crowded back street, fight against on-coming traffic and over-turn innocent bystanders’ cars. Often coming to a fiery conclusion, these are some of the most exciting scenes in the world of films.

Ronin – Paris Chase

Take Ronin – a nine minute car chase through the streets of Paris, and unique for it’s time in that one of the cars is driven by a female, this is a car chase never to be forgotten. There is plenty of action to be had, with massive pile-ups being caused on the Parisian motorways, the majority of the chase being conducted against the flow of traffic, and over-turned lorries aplenty. Culminating in a drive over a bridge, an upside-down landing by the protagonist, and a daring rescue by a crew of workmen from a flaming vehicle mere seconds before it explodes, all whilst under fire from De Niro, this is an unforgettable scene of destruction.

Ben Hur – Chariot Scene

Not all chase scenes are about the car though – the chariot race scene from Ben Hur, with teams of horses frantically racing through the gladiatorial arena is outstanding. Capturing the ancient Roman love of the gruesome spectacle, the makers of Ben Hur have outdone themselves. Spinning blades on the wheels of chariots hack at the heels of horses, screaming crowds urge the drivers on to ever greater risks, and thrown riders can only watch helplessly as other teams of horses thunder towards them as they lie prone in the centre of the track. Freedom or death seems to be the order of the day, and the emperor holds the key to both.

Ben Hur – Chariot Race by andybe29

Blues Brothers – Mall Chase

The mall chase from the Blues Brothers must be included here, even if simply for the epic trail of destruction it leaves behind. Possibly the only totally indoor car chase ever seen on the big screen, this scene begins with the brothers driving into a shopping mall through the window of a toy shop. Leading the police a merry dance through store fronts, stalls and windows, shoppers dive out of the way of the old Dodge and its pursuers into the mountains of broken glass, and the scene ends only as the brothers exit the mall – through another window.


Italian Job – The Getaway

The absolute classic car chase scene, however, has to be from The Italian Job. Although this film has since been re-made, nothing can beat that original race through the streets of Italy. The red, white and blue minis never pick up as much speed as their faster pursuers, but are driven charmingly in perfect unison, creating a dance that even the motorbike riders cannot keep up with. Driving on rooftops, leaping across buildings, down steps, through tunnels and even on water, these cheeky little cars are so perfectly in tune with each other that they are an absolute delight to watch.


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