The dark one

So this character made himself known to me this week. He’s not related to any of my written novels, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be in the one I work on after I’ve finished with the vampire trilogy. Note: he’s not a vampire, but a different creature. Enjoy!


So you want to know my story? Want to see what it’s like on the dark side? I don’t know why anyone would want to get inside this head of mine, but I’ll welcome you if that’s your choice.
So where to begin? I’m sure most of you want to know how I became what I am, but I’m forbidden to divulge that secret, so we’ll have to move on to me being me. A creature with base instincts and needs. One who revels in blood and gore.
I can remember my first kill. It was exhilarating. To move with such speed made me feel so free. The adrenaline of being on the hunt, of knowing your prey is terrified of you… it’s unlike any high a drug could give you. I felt so powerful, almost like a god. And when I bit into her, and felt her blood flow down my throat, it was practically orgasmic.
I was sloppy with my first kill, as most of us are. But it didn’t make me feel green. Instead, I felt like I had been baptized. I was covered in the warm fluid of my victim, her scent imprinted onto me, and I just wanted more. I wanted to bathe in a pool of blood. Wanted to feel the essence that was once their life seep into my skin.
Are you still there? Still want to know about me? You must have a morbid streak. Be careful, if you do. You may be approached by someone of my kind. They may offer to turn you. While I love what I am, others do not adjust as well. Some people are seduced by the stories of vampires and werewolves. When they are turned, it isn’t like that.
We’re not vampires, nor are we any sort of changeling. We just are. There is no label for us. We exist, we feel, and we kill. But we do not need blood to live, we just like it. It’s true that we don’t age and we can’t be killed – by anything. But we are nothing like the myths that circulate about those paranormal creatures.
We are darkness more than anything else. It’s true that we were once human and we still love humans, but we have no humanity. I do not want humanity. In memories of my human life, I feel that they restricted me. Now I have met my true potential and I am invincible.
I am as close to godlike as anyone can get. If I choose I can create life, make others like myself. I also can take life. I am really good at taking them. It’s the feeling of sucking one’s essence away from them. I can absorb their vitality, take their soul, until nothing is there any longer. Just an empty shell with no more animation. It just leaves me craving more and more. I shall probably kill until there are no more humans walking this earth.
Are you frightened yet? You should be.