The Top 5 Baby Names in the World of TV

When looking at the lives of TV stars, would we expect their children to be named after themselves, in some egotistical way of creating fame for their youngsters or are TV stars a different breed of celebrity, who choose everyday names for their children in order to keep them away from the spotlight? Here in the top five baby names from the world of TV, we explore the best of the best, and were pleasantly surprised with the results. So prepare to be dazzled by the cuteness of some of these stars baby names, we most certainly were.

1) Our top spot goes to the queen of day time television Holly Willoughby, with the name, Belle Baldwin. A beautiful name for a baby girl, and we must all admit that we are a bit jealous that we did not think of it first, and we have no doubt that the little one will grow up to be just as stunning as her name. A tip here from the This Morning presenter, calling your baby daughter after a fairy tale is never a mistake, as we all want to be the belle of the ball one day.

2) Our number two spot goes to a rather peculiar name on this top five list, giving our appreciation to Bruce Forsyth for naming his child Johnathan Joseph Forsyth Johnson, quite a mouthful. With a Miss World mother, and Brucie as your father certainly this name is a sign of television royalty. Perhaps when naming your child you should be a bit more selective over how many family names to use, after all it would be quite difficult when telling them off to use every single name. However, we like the use of the letter J in this name, as the names together do seem to have a certain ring to them.

3) This next spot could cover all five spots on this list for the weird and wonderful names that we are about to uncover to you, and it is all down to the imagination of one top celebrity chef, none other than Jamie Oliver who has called his children, Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver, Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver, Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver and Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver. These names simply confuse us, as they all seem to have a strange middle name like Rainbow or Bear, and we are not sure quite why this is. Therefore, for this we cannot give the number three spot to only one name, they all deserve recognition for being out there.

4) Our number four spot goes to a famous TV presenter, the one and only Johnathan Ross for his daughter, Betty Kitten. This name reminds us of a fifties glamourpuss, and we’re not sure why this isn’t just a stage name rather than her real name. His other two children also have very individualistic names, but Betty Kitten is our favourite with her brother and sister being called Harvey Kirby and Honey Kinney. We are sure that these names will certainly be putting the young Ross trio in the spotlight in the future.

5) Our last place goes to perhaps the most extreme name on this list, as we had to go out with a bang. All hail Peter Andre and Jordon for calling their daughter, Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther Andre, who just beats her brother with the name Junior Savva Andreas Andre. This name baffles us as to why it was allowed, and whether you like these names is a matter of personal preference, however we most definitely suggest that you discuss it first with your family before naming your first daughter simply princess.


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