Top Tasks That We All Love To Hate

Unfortunately, as much as life is about enjoying yourself it’s also full of tasks that aren’t quite so much fun! Right from when we are young we find ourselves doing things that we just don’t want to do; whether you’re a child that doesn’t want to eat their vegetables, a teenager that doesn’t want to revise for their exams or a worker that really doesn’t want to get up and face the rush hour commute in order to be at their desk at 9am.

Annoyingly, a lot of these tasks you can’t avoid, admittedly though there are also some that you can. Just for fun we’ve asked around and come up with five of the worst – the ones that involuntarily cause you let out a groan of dread…

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Getting up on a Monday morning
British weather is great at delivering temperatures and winds conducive to curling up nice and snug in bed and having a good old snooze. This is absolute bliss on Saturdays and Sundays, it’s also a living hell on a Monday morning. That moment when you hear the most unwelcome sound, the “brrrring” of the alarm and hit the snooze button that only seems to give you an extra five seconds of slumber before it rudely awakens you again! The contrary to this all too familiar scenario of course is that occasionally, very occasionally you have those times when you get up for work and…realise it’s a Saturday. If only there were more of them!

Cleaning (especially ironing)
Why is cleaning never fun?! Unless you’re lucky enough to reside permanently in a scene from Mary Poppins taking out the bins, dusting, washing up and in particular ironing are all met with a heavy sigh unless your names are Kim and Aggie and you present a show called “How Clean is Your House?” on channel four. This is one that you most definitely can hand over to someone else to do though and give yourself some extra time, hopefully to relax but if not then to complete something else on that long and never ending to do list.

London underground during summer
This is not pleasant. Lots of sweaty people deep underground, crammed together on a train with no air conditioning. Even worse is this situation during rush hour. One good solution for this is to put on some pumps and walk to your destination or, if you are taking the underground to run an errand and can afford it, assigning someone to do this for you. If you’re getting to a place where you need to be present though and don’t want to pay the extra cost of a taxi or risk the bus and London traffic, you may be stuck with this one – just do your utmost to make your appointment or meeting outside of rush hour!

Facing the music
After one of those nights out (we’ve all been there) where you’ve managed to offend the ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, throw up in your lifts car and lose your flat mates house keys, making amends to all those offended or angry the next day with a head that feels like a whole construction site is at work on it is not fun. We all have to do it though…and just pray there is no video or photographic evidence to prolongue the pain and shame us any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Meeting the parents
There was a reason “Meet the Parents” starring Ben Stiller was made, they had to get the inspiration from somewhere! It’s never easy and is always a bit nerve racking causing even the most unruly of partners to be on their best behaviour for the day. This hated task is our last and completes our list!

We hope you agree with and enjoyed reading our list! There are those tasks you can’t avoid and have to undertake yourself – for the rest there’s