What Should I Read Next?

After you are done with reading that perfect book, you find yourself asking, “what should I read next.” Your mind is craving something that is same as or even better than your previous book. Finding a good book to read is probably a headache for most avid book readers out there. This article attempts to make your search for the next book to read an interesting and easier task by looking into several steps you can take to find that next book you so badly need.

Book Websites

There are hundreds if not thousands of websites on the internet that help book readers to find a book they want or even suggest what book they should read basing on their tastes and preferences. You should check them out as most have excellent facilities and the experience they leave you with is amazing. Some websites that help readers in finding their next book are whichbook.net, lazy library, keep reading, Library Thing and What should I read next just to mention a few of them. Try them out.

Best Seller lists

Check out the best seller lists on books. There are several bestseller lists but the most prominent ones include the New York best seller lists, The Guardian best seller list and amazon best seller list. They provide great information on the bestselling books on all genres.

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Online Book Stores

Online book stores are also a good option worth trying out. There are a wide variety of online bookstores to choose from. A search for bookstores on most search engines should give a list of popular online bookstores. In addition, try searching on sites that are tailored to specific authors and publishers.


You can also check out your local library and look around in your favorite genre section. Local libraries and librarians are an excellent source of information when in the look for a new book. They also offer first-hand information about recent and classic releases so ask them for advice about certain books, authors and recommended readings.

Online Book Video Trailers

It may also be worth checking out the book video trailers online. They are not available for all books but a majority of books have them. They offer an author’s preview of what the book really is about plus with visual presentation.

Book Blogs

There are several book blogs that list many great novels. Do not forget to also read publisher websites searching for new books. Book blogs often have lists written like, “What Should I Read Next” that offer a great idea of the types of books that would interest you.

Asking Around

There is a chance that if you like a book there is bound to be others around you who like them too so asking around can prove helpful.

There are millions of great books out there on the market and many are being published on a daily basis. Finding the exact book to read next can be a challenge but following the above tips on doing so can ease the challenge. Now you have the tips at your fingers and all that is standing between you and finding that great book is to put those tips into use. Try them and hope you will find this article more useful and share it with other avid book readers.

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