5 Facts About Vampires

Vampire-Wallpapers_3We’ve all grown up hearing about vampires. The most common depiction of these creatures stems from Dracula. When Interview with the Vampire came out, it shifted slightly to something more attractive. Then, with the Twilight movies, the idea of vampires has become two opposing views of romantically sexy, or just a big fat joke.

So you want to hear some facts about vampires? Well, first thing I can tell you is that since they’re fictional, there are no facts about them! Everyone likes to make up their own version of what vampires are capable of and how to kill them. Since there’s such a wide variety of vampires from all over the world, I thought I would give you five facts about vampires from The Blood Inheritance Trilogy. These are facts from the books, but can be applied to the general cliche of vampires as well.


1~ They drink blood to survive.

Obvious one, right? Well, the vampires in Dissension (Book 1 of Blood Inheritance) definitely follow this, but there’s a slight difference: If they don’t drink blood, then The Hunger will take over their mind and their body and feed from a victim in a most gruesome and brutal way.

2~ They each have special powers.

The powers that vampires develop over the years are usually some kind of psychic power. The immortals (sworn to hunt down and kill all vampires) also develop similar powers. Very rarely will a vampire have a physical power that is unique from their fellow vamps.

3~ They can’t fly.

The vampires have amazing strength and agility. When they jump high, it can appear (at least to a human’s eye) that they are flying. But the fact is that they can’t fly – not like Superman. It’s more of “falling with style”.

4~ They keep their souls.

There’s some speculation that one is turned, they lose their soul and become a different person than when they were alive. Not so. When someone becomes a vampire, they keep their same personality they had in their human life. Of course, the compulsion to drink blood and new abilities can change anyone. But they still choose how their new life affects them.

5~ Everything is heightened.

All five of their senses are heightened, so vampires can see, hear, and smell a lot more than humans can fathom. But it doesn’t end just there. People often forget touch. Vampires feel everything with more sensitivity, making pain all the more intense, as well as pleasure. And we must not forget taste! They can taste things so much more than we mere mortals ever dreamed of. So yes, vampires may be snobs when it comes to fine dining, but if you could taste everything to the tenth degree as well as feel the textures over your tongue so profoundly, I imagine you would feel the same. But don’t let their persnicketiness fool you; they love to enjoy delicious, gourmet food!

Sound intriguing? Does it make you want to become a vampire? I suppose it has its allure… but everything comes with a price! šŸ˜‰