5 Must Haves For The Perfect Barbecue


It’s barbecue season again, and it’s time to bring people together under the sun for some good food and drinks. A barbecue isn’t just about food and drinks, either. It’s all about gathering together and cooking in your yard for an “al fresco” dining experience with people you enjoy. 

Yet hosting the perfect barbecue comes down to knowing the right elements to combine. If you don’t have the right things in place, your barbecue could be a flop.  To help you, here are the most important must haves to ensure your barbecue is a success.

A Grill

First thing is first—you’re going to need something to cook your meat on!  You’ll need to have a reliable grill that you know how to operate. Whether you prefer the smoky flavor of a Green Egg, or the convenience of a gas controlled grill, the one you choose will make a difference in your meat. 

Remember, you want to ensure that your grill is perfectly clean and in good working order before you invite your guests. Last but not least, make sure you have charcoal and gas too. If you don’t have a grill to rely on for a barbecue, then how can you really call it a barbecue?


A lot of people are so focused on the food, that they forget the beverage aspect of a barbecue! From non alcoholic beverages, to alcoholic ones, you want to make sure that there’s something for everyone.

Since the weather will be warm, hydration is essential, and so is ensuring that the drinks stay cool. Keep everything on ice, and make sure your cooler is always filled. This will guarantee no one gets thirsty or heads home early because there was nothing left to drink.

Outdoor Seating

When you eat and drink outside, you have to have somewhere to sit! Outdoor seating is essential if you hope for your guests to be comfortable and mingle amongst themselves. In addition to seating, you want to make sure that there are also tables. 

After all, eating is much more comfortable when you can put your plate on a flat surface. Whether you pull out your chairs and table from inside, or you decide to buy patio furniture, the most important thing is giving your guests somewhere to sit and enjoy their meal and beverages.


What good would a barbecue be without music? Setting the atmosphere is critical, which is why music is so important at your barbecue. Consider installing an outdoor bluetooth speaker, where your guests can play their favorite songs and keep the party going. If your barbecue will be extending into the evening time, you might want to consider hiring a DJ!


If your barbecue turns into a full-fledged nighttime fiesta, then you want to make sure that you have lighting. Consider adding some string lights, or even some lanterns to really get the party going. A combination of music and lighting plus drinks and food will be sure to create a setting for a memorable barbecue that people will talk about for a long time.