A Celebrity New Year!

New Year is a social conundrum for even the most regular of folks. There is always the lure of would-be fantastical parties, paying extortionate amounts to get into your local and staying in with your cohabiter avoiding the whole celebratory scrum of such events.

Imagine then the conflicts and choices available to the A-Lister? It’s got to be pretty hectic, right? It is for many, especially the performing stars, not just a chance for some elite partying, it’s also a fine chance to go to work. Decisions, decisions…

Obviously what Kim actually does is still up for discussion, other than allow either a camera crew or Kanye West to follow her around depending on her needs at any moment in time. However you can’t knock her ‘industry’ when it came to celebrating New Year 2012. She combined business and pleasure by hanging out at Vegas hotspot Tao. Reportedly for merely attending their celebrations she earned $600,000!

At the other end of the spectrum there is the Gaga. Whatever you might think of her there is no denying her willingness to put in a shift and deliver entertainment of the highest and most bonkers order. This is exactly what she did last year by playing the premier New Year gig on the globe, Times Square New York. The show was a spectacular of music, dancing and off-the-wall style that climaxed with her activating the famous ball drop. It’s worth mentioning she was also backed by some friends including Justin Bieber… not a bad guest list then…

It’s always a good chance to take a break over the New Year and that’s exactly what Kate Hudson did choosing to hit the slopes in Aspen. She wasn’t the only superstar there either, with Heidi Klum and Seal seen ‘snow-plowing’ away merrily. And if the holiday sounds like a plan, but you’re more a sun, sea and sand type you’re not dissimilar to Elle MacPherson who was spotted surfing in Byron Bay or Mischa Barton who tried some jet skiing in Miami.

They weren’t the only ones to enjoy the sun either. President Barack Obama and wife Michelle took their annual trip to Hawaii aboard Air Force One. Alright for some isn’t it?

It’s all about the hosting though for the celebrity with an address book that reads like a who’s who of Hollywood heroes. Why attend a party when you can throw your own? Nobody does it better than P. Diddy who took on the role of Master of Ceremonies at CIROC The New Year 2012. The most notable amongst a swarm of high profile attendees was Rihanna, who flew from Barbados to be there and caused quite a stir with her sheer dress and in particular the nipple piercing that was clearly on show. Now that’s how to ‘ring’ in the New Year.

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Alan Phillips is looking forward to New Year. Unfortunately there won’t be any celebrities at his party, but the Find Me A Gift team will be there, surrounded by the novelty gifts they love so much.