Best Cat Hairball Products

If you have a cat, you are probably all too familiar with hairball issues.

Hairballs occur as part of a cat’s natural grooming process. When they clean themselves, the hook-like structures on their tongue (papillae) catch dead hair that the cat swallows. While most of this hair gets through the digestive tract without a problem, some of it will stay in the stomach to form a hairball. These are usually vomited up.

Not only is it unpleasant to see your cat vomiting, but hairballs can also stay in the system to cause life-threatening blockages. Symptoms of hairball issues include:

  • Ongoing vomiting or retching without producing a hairball
  • Lack of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy

In order to prevent serious problems from occurring, pet owners want to do all they can to keep hair moving through their cat’s systems. Fortunately, there are several products that can help remedy these digestive issues. Read on to find out about the best cat hairball products for your pet.

Best Cat Hairball Products

Hairball Formula Cat Food: There are many cat food manufacturers that make food designed to reduce hairballs. They work to improve the health of the cat’s coat to minimize shedding. They are high in fiber to allow hairballs to run smoothly through the cat’s digestive system.

Laxatives: Many hairball products are mild laxatives that help hairballs pass easily through the digestive tract.

Supplements: There are also supplements on the market that support normal hairball behavior and healthy skin and hair. If you are looking for an all natural supplement that will help protect your cat’s digestive system from hairballs, Pet Naturals of Vermont Hairball for Cats of All Sizes is recommended.

Pet Naturals of Vermont is a company that is passionate about providing natural alternatives that support pet health. Their hairball supplement contains fiber and omega fatty acids that support your cat’s normal grooming routine. It also contains lecithin which supports normal hairball behavior and healthy skin and hair and zinc that supports keratin and collagen production which boost skin and hair health and fatty acid metabolism.

Other Ways to Reduce Hairball Issues

You can also use behavioral tactics to reduce hairballs and boost your cat’s digestive health. Here are some things that can help.

Groom Your Cat: Brushing your cat’s coat will remove excess fur reducing the amount of hair that ends up in his or digestive tract. If your cat will not allow you to groom them, try taking them to a professional groomer.

Discourage Excessive Grooming: If you see your cat grooming themselves excessively, try training them to engage in another activity. For instance you might give them a new toy or play with them to keep them from licking their coat.

Hairballs can be unpleasant and even dangerous for your cat. Fortunately, the best hairball products can be used to keep your cat in great health. How do you recommend treating felines when hairballs become an issue?