Cleaning Miracle!

Okay, so I know this post is going to seem so random (my blog is called “random thoughts” for good reason), but I discovered the most amazing toilet cleaner and I have to share!

We live in an area where hard water stains are the norm. For the past ten months, I have been trying to clean off the build-up in my toilet bowls. The hard water stains looked like an ugly brown coating the inside of my toilet bowl. It was just where the water line was, so above that was nice and white. It made for a very nasty look. Whenever someone was visiting and asked to use my bathroom, I emphasized to them that I really do clean my toilet. I cannot stress enough on how bad my toilets looked.

Anyway, I tried using name brand products that were designed specifically to remove stains from toilets. I would let those products soak into the toilet for hours, then work up a sweat scrubbing the crap out of it. The result? Maybe it would be less brown than before, but nowhere close to that perfect white I desired. Then I moved on to other methods people had told me about. I tried Coke, vinegar, and denture tablets. None of those helped. The closest I got to having a white toilet bowl was using CLR. This was a lot of work, though. I had to remove all the water from the toilet bowl first, then soak the CLR on the stain, and then scrub so hard that my toilet brush lost half of its bristles. The result? Almost totally white, but not quite there. Plus, the stains were quick to return.

So one day, as I lamented the nastiness of my toilets to a friend, she told me to go to Walmart and buy The Works. It was the cheapest toilet cleaner on the shelf, and I was feeling pretty skeptical. However, my friend had never led me astray before (plus I figured I was only wasting a dollar and change), so I got it. I poured the cleanser into my toilet bowl, let it sit for five hours, then scrubbed. The result? Gleaming white porcelain shining at me! I hardly even had to scrub, too. It was amazing!

So now, I’m on a mission to let everyone know about this cheaply fabulous product. I know this is kind of a silly thing to blog about, but you have no idea how much time, money, and effort I’ve spent on scrubbing my toilets. Now that I’ve found something that does all the work for me and is totally affordable, I can’t keep my mouth shut about it. They have other products (glass cleaner, shower cleaner, fabric refresher) that I now want to try.

So for any of you who have problems in those areas of your house, especially toilets, I’d suggest trying this product. See if it works for you as well as it did for me.

(Yes, I do realize I’m falling into the stay at home mom cliche right now, but what can I say? I am a stay at home mom, after all!)

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  1. Erica Miller says:

    Try the Works drain cleaner too– It works way better than the name brand! It is my favorite!

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