Convoluted (part 3)

Here’s the conclusion. If you haven’t read from the beginning, I highly recommend you go back and read parts 1 & 2 before reading this. Enjoy!


* * *
Alexa pulled at her snug dress. It was itchy in the heat, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep wearing it much longer. She hated to ask Tessa, but what choice did she have? She had decided a few months ago that she wasn’t going to even try going back to her own time. She was too happy here, living on Isaac’s plantation and bantering with James, Nolan and Kraven.
Isaac had tried to keep her from moving into his home. He said that they could wait until a preacher came to the island to marry them, but Alexa didn’t want to wait. She told him as much and moved in with him the next day. The other men didn’t seem to judge them for the arrangement, so Isaac went with it.
She hadn’t gotten pregnant yet, but she was gaining weight from Tessa’s cooking and not working out as much. To her surprise, she was beginning to enjoy her ever increasingly plump figure. At first, she had complained to the men that she needed to start exercising again and begin a strict diet. Her idea had quickly been thwarted by all four of them. It had taken a while to convince her they meant it when they said that her rounding curves were far more attractive than the stringy girl she had been.
But they really were telling the truth. James had Kraven had never really looked at her with attraction, but she’d noticed that the more she grew, the more heated glances they sent her way. In fact each of the men were looking at her more and more as if she were the cream and they the cats.
She had also realized that Isaac became even more intense in the bedroom the more she increased in size. It was so nice to feel confident in herself and her beauty when she would stand before him, stark naked, and he would worship every inch of her.
Alexa sighed with satisfaction as she remembered the multiple orgasms Isaac had given her last night. She was positive the others had heard her. The three men had sent amused glances her way all through breakfast that morning.
She pushed her thoughts aside as she approached James’ home and Tessa opened the door for her. Before Alexa could open her mouth, Tessa held up a hand. “Jus’ a minute, girl. I gots something that’s abouts to burn.” Then Tessa turned and scurried down the hall and into the kitchen.
Alexa had never been beyond the dining table since Tessa claimed that the kitchen was her sanctuary and that no one was allowed in it. She walked through the dining room and to the door where Tessa had disappeared. She figured she could just open the door and tell her what she needed. She wouldn’t be in Tessa’s kitchen, but would remain in the doorway.
Alexa placed her hand on the handle and was about to pull the door open, when Tessa burst through. Alexa only got a peak at an industrial-sized porcelain sink before Tessa slammed the door closed.
“I’ve told you that nobody enters my kitchen!” Before Alexa could respond, Tessa raised a big wooden spoon and whipped it across her left cheek.
There was a moment of shocked disbelief before things set into motion again. The explosive pain was blinding. Alexa screamed as another strike hit her on her shoulder. A third blow smacked near her spine. Alexa finally got a hold of her stupor and stopped crouching like some dumb dog. She stood and punched Tessa in the gut and quickly took advantage of the surprise by yanking the spoon from her grasp.
Both women stood, panting hard and staring at each other with murder in their eyes.
Nolan was the first to arrive and he pulled Tessa away and seated her at the table. The others got there in time to hear Tessa’s version of the events. They all looked at Alexa with accusation.
“I was just going to shout at her through the door! I had no intention of entering her so-called sanctuary, for hell’s sake!”
Isaac walked over and put his arms around her shoulders. “Tessa only has one place on this whole island to call her own. It may seem silly to you, but her kitchen is hers. None of us would ever so much as open that door, understood?”
His reprimand stung far more than she would have thought, and Alexa blinked back tears of embarrassment. She gritted out an apology to Tessa, then fled the house before anymore humiliation could ensue. For a slave, Tessa sure had the men’s absolute respect.
She was able to calm herself down after sitting in the shade of a palm tree for a few hours. Then she went back home. Isaac was waiting for her on the porch. When he saw her, he stood and ran to her, engulfing her in a suffocating hug. “I thought you’d decided to go back.”
She shook her head against his chest. It hadn’t even occurred to her. “There’s nothing for me there.” She looked up into his blue eyes. “I belong here now. With you. Nothing else matters to me anymore.”
Isaac smiled and kissed her. It was hard and urgent, and before long they were in their bedroom frantically stripping each other. After they finished the intensely erotic love play, they cuddled together in bed. Alexa rubbed her nose back and forth in the hollow of his shoulder.
“I wish this would never end.” Isaac’s voice sounded sad and… resigned.
Alexa’s head popped up. “I meant it, Isaac,” she stated firmly. “I’ll never go back to my time. I’ve committed myself to you.”
Isaac blinked away the forlorn look in his eyes and gave her his usual warm smile. “I believe you, my love.” He kissed her tenderly, and then turned on his side to sleep.
Alexa was deeply sleeping when she was jolted into wakefulness. She wasn’t sure what had alerted her, but sat upright and looked over to see that Isaac was no longer in bed. The room was dark and it was obviously still the dead of the night.
Suddenly, the room brightened and Alexa looked over to see James, Isaac, Nolan and Kraven approaching the bed.
“What’s wrong?”
They didn’t answer. She could see lust and smugness swimming in their eyes. Isaac looked at her with a combination of regret and lust. She glanced down and saw that James and Nolan were holding ropes. At this dreaded realization, Alexa gasped and scrambled to the other side of the bed. As she was standing up, Kraven grabbed her arm and pulled her into a tight circle of his arms.
Isaac walked up and with a few yanks, pulled her nightgown off her struggling form. He held the candle close so the men could inspect her body from head to toe. They obviously liked what they saw.
“What are you doing? Stop!”
James was next to Nolan and binding her wrists behind her back with the rope. Kraven got more rope from Nolan and squatted to tie her ankles together. The sense of anticipation emanating from them sent her into a panic.
Alexa writhed and wriggled every which way to avoid their hands, but it was no use. Before she knew it, they had jointly carried her to James’ house. They moved at an even pace through the hall, then the dining room, and into the forbidden kitchen.
At first, her mind couldn’t comprehend that she was lying on a high, cold table. Once the fact penetrated, she twisted her head to see that it was stainless steel. She also saw that the men were pushing fat needles towards her vulnerable flesh. Alexa screamed when at least ten needles punctured her at the same time. They had pricked all over her body and it was easy to see that her blood was quickly exiting. She squirmed and bucked, but it did no good. In just a few minutes, she lay quietly, too weak to protest her impending doom any longer. Her blood was falling through a drain by her feet.
A hot spray of water brought her to look up. James had a hose and was cleaning her body of the red that was still oozing out. She saw a large, clear container with what looked like a mix of spices on the counter to her left. On her right was a large, brick oven. She could feel the heat steaming from where she was and the final realization of what they were doing caused her to mercifully pass out.

* * *
Isaac could smell the tantalizing scent of fire-roasted meat from the parlor and his mouth watered. It was almost done.
Clint, Alexa’s supposed boyfriend that brought her to the islands, was getting the cash from Kraven.
Putting the money in a briefcase, Clint stood to leave. “Thanks guys. As usual, it’s a pleasure doing business with you.” He turned toward the door, then stopped and twisted back around. “By the way, I think I’ve already found our next mark. I’ve taken her on a few dates already and things are looking good.”
“Fabulous,” Kraven said. “Just send me a text when you are on your way with her.”
When Clint left, Kraven walked in with a lit pipe protruding from his mouth. “How are you?” He asked with genuine concern. Kraven was the only one that Isaac had confided in.
Isaac pursed his lips pensively before answering. “You know that I genuinely cared for her.” He shrugged. “We’d made our life’s decision long before she came, and she turned out to be just as gullible as the other girls.”
James caught the last sentence as he came in and sat next to Isaac. “She was even easier to convince than some of the others.” He chuckled. “God bless those cheesy romance novels. Who would have thought that this con would have been so successful?”
Isaac forced a smirk. He remembered when James had come up with a plan to make it possible for them to enjoy their unique cuisine. He’d been so skeptical, but it had worked time and again. They had even begun to make a fantastic profit from it. Selling “exotic meats” was incredibly lucrative. And people all over the world were willing to pay a lot of money for food that they had no clue was human meat.



Not what you were expecting? What can I say? That’s where the story took me. Or maybe you could say that’s how dark and twisted I am. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!