Creative Writing and the Dreaded Writer’s Block

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Anyone who has ever worked on a creative writing project will understand the experience of writer’s block. Here a writer may sit at their computer, just looking at the cursor blink on and off. Alternatively they might sit at a desk, pen or pencil in hand waiting. This wait might be for inspiration or for an idea but whatever it is when a writer has writer’s block it’s creatively frustrating. Even when a writer has a good idea, they might not be able to get their idea onto paper, or computer. For a writer who needs to employee creative writing but just can’t seem to get the right words out, finding a way to battle writer’s block successfully is important.

One way to battle writer’s block is to read a lot. This might seem counter intuitive; after all, shouldn’t a writer trying to overcome writer’s block simply write more? Perhaps, but often reading creative writing pieces from a variety of different sources can help give inspiration for a writer. This isn’t to say a writer should steal ideas, stories, character or even style from another writer but reading other works can certainly help a writer spark an idea or maybe more.

The second way to battle writer’s block is to write. It may seem redundant but sometimes writing anything can be hard. A writer could spend years nit-picking over every idea, every word, and every sentence that he or she writes. This will not only drive the writer crazy but will actually impede the progress of his or her creative writing. One type of writing is known as free writing, where a person writes what comes into their head. It’s important for the writer not to get focused on whether they’re writing something that is related to what their piece might be about or not. Free writing isn’t about analysing every word or making judgements, it’s just about writing. Whatever words or phrases a writer has in their head is what they should write about during a free writing exercise. If a person is trying to write a story about the French Revolution but ends up free writing something else entirely that is perfectly fine. Free writing is just a way to get the creative juices flowing and it’s a technique that many writer’s use with success.

Taking notes is another great way to battle writer’s block. Even if that writer is no longer in school, they might find note taking useful. Having a pen and a small notebook or a mobile device with a note taking function will make sure a writer can jot down any thoughts and ideas they have throughout the day. These ideas might come in handy with the creative writing project that he or she might be trying to work on or it could spark a completely new writing project. A writer might check their notebook while experiencing writer’s block and be reminded of an idea or inspiration written earlier helping to overcome the writer’s block.

Taking a break is also important. Of course a writer wants to be careful that a break doesn’t stretch too long but sometimes the best thing a writer can do when experiencing writer’s block is to just stop writing. Turn off the computer, put down the pen or pencil and do something else. This might mean having something to eat, taking a walk, meditating, watching television, going out with friends, reading a book, painting a picture, or doing something else entirely. Whatever a writer chooses to do is fine. The point of taking of break is to get a writer’s mind focused on something else, so they can feel refreshed and ready to tackle the creative writing project again.

Of course sometimes writer’s block can keep coming back over and over again. A writer may find that they have a great idea, but can’t seem to translate that idea to their writing piece. A writer may also find that they are intimidated by the mechanics of writing; grammar and spelling. They may just want to get the idea out there, but cannot be bothered with the technicalities. This is where the use of content writers specializing in creative writing comes into play. Writing isn’t a solitary pursuit and getting help from others shouldn’t be seen as bad thing. Content writers who specialize in creative writing can help a writer who has continually slogged through writer’s block with no great result. The content writer will write the piece that the original writer has wanted to write but just can’t seem to get correct.

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