Horror Movies: A Breakdown of Genres

Horror Movies have been a tradition since Alfred Hitcock first released “The Birds”. Since then, their popularity has grown to new levels and many sub genres have developed. While the classic suspense movies are quite popular, other niche’s have a wide following.

Slasher Films

Overview of Genre: This Genre focuses on trying to make the viewer jump out of their seats in suspense of the unknown or whats to come. On the premise cringing on the next scene, the beauty of slasher films almost comes relief when the event occurs because it was expected or unexpected. Mostly this genre consists of a female actress as the main star and usually the sole survivor.

Three Popular Movies:

  1. Nightmare on Elm street – This is one of my favorites cause it incorporates suspense with one of man’s fears, his subconscious and uncontrollable dream state. Implicating you are the most vulnerable when you normally feel the most safe, when you are sleeping.
  2. Halloween – Is a classic slasher psycho path and adheres to all slasher basics to a tee. Knife wielding psycho path goes on rampage with an agenda to kill the innocent till he reaches his ultimate goal of killing the female star.
  3. Psycho – The ultimate classic in black and white. Hitchcock’s masterpiece and probably the inspiration to almost any slasher movies writing. Some will argue that this is the greatest of all time and can never be touched.

Blood and Gore

Overview of Genre: This Genre focuses on trying to make the most bloodiest scenes known to man and shock by pure presence of blood with an awe factor. This genre aims to be the more gross than any category of horror with the wow factor.

Three Popular Movies:

  1. Dead Alive – Peter Jackson’s entry into gore was a brilliant masterpiece filled with gore from animals and humans alike.
  2. Hell raiser 2 -with all good horror movies sequels will come generally and this one did not disappoint. Topping the first which was a classic by out goring it so to speak.
  3. The Evil Dead – With friend being trapped in a cabin with flesh eating beings after them this one is not as gory as the first two but was so captivating with its plot.

The Classic Monster Horror Films

Overview of Genre: This Genre the major monsters and their cult followings. Although there are too many cults to talk about I’ll just do my favorite in each category and only name my favorite 3.

Three Popular Movies:

  1. Zombies – Dawn of the Dead- the original Romero masterpiece is still the holy grail of zombie movies.
  2. Vampires – Bram Stoker’s Dracula– this was the best Dracula movie hands down though their have been good challenges with popularity of the twilight sags and interview with a vampire.
  3. Werewolf’s – The Howling- This was a close call just barely edging out An American Werewolf in London.

Conclusion: Which Genre is the Best?

In my opinion, I think Zombie films are the best. I like all genre’s as I am a horror fan,but my heart lies with zombies. They are the most real of them all and generally incorporate monster, gore and the suspense of slash. The choreography that goes with filming a good zombie movie must drive the director insane. Also the following alone with how many movies there are and the sheer popularity and the shift into mainstream TV with The Walking Dead series has pushed zombies as the horror genre to beat for years to come.

This article was written by Peter van Deusen – Peter is the CEO and President of Zombie Attire, a leading website provider of Zombie Clothing and Horror Gear.