England, 1816 (Part 2)

Leisha woke with a startled gasp. The intake of air immediately drew dirt into the back of her throat. Realizing that she was covered and surrounded by earth, she forced herself to not give into the reaction her body wanted. Instead of coughing, she held her breath. Feeling the dirt invading her lungs made her eyes tear up with bloody tears. Trying to ignore that discomfort, she took an inventory of the rest of her body.

She could feel residual pain coursing through her stomach and limbs, but it was manageable. More than anything, she felt weak and shaky. Keeping her eyes closed, she pushed her hands up into the dirt. Pressure from the soil increased on her face while she tried to dig her way out. As fatigued as she was, she had to take several breaks before her hands finally reached air. The excitement helped her to use what little energy she had to pull her torso above ground. Once there, she fell forward and coughed out as much dirt as she could from her lungs. It had been painful to hold in, and just as painful to discharge it from her body.

Just as she was pulling the rest of herself from the fresh grave, she felt the hunger pouncing within her mind. “Not yet,” she murmured to herself. She forced herself to stand and move through the gardens toward the large estate that the Baron owned. Her body felt heavy and it seemed a long journey before she made it to the french doors that she knew lead into the library. Of course, the doors were locked. Leisha had no patience for stealth and with an aggravated grunt, kicked the doors open. The glass shattered as the doors caved in the wrong direction.

Leisha stepped through and walked through the library to the hallway. She heard the servant’s heartbeat long before he entered the corridor with a pistol in hand. The scent of his skin and the sound of his heart brought the hunger forefront to her brain. Leisha grabbed her head and gave a small cry. Using breathing techniques she was able to quell the overwhelming urge to rush at the elder man and devour him. “He’s not the one we want,” she whispered.

Once she felt in control of her body again, she opened her eyes to see the servant pointing the pistol at her. His hand was wavering and he had a look of uncertainty on his withered face. One look into her eyes and the blood drained from his face. He seemed to be paralyzed as she moved past him and up the main stairway. It took all the control she could muster to not reach out at him when she came near him, but she was able to do it.

One agonizing step at a time, she made her way up the stairs. She had a general idea of where the baron’s rooms were, but still had to peek her head in some doors before she found it. His antechamber was immaculate, but she took no time to look around. The knowledge that her victim was so close and breathing deeply in the next room pulled her like a magnet. Laurence Chadwick didn’t stir when she entered. He slept on as if there were no worries in his world. That would change soon enough.

The hunger lashed out within her mind and before she knew it, she was straddling him. Leisha forced herself to take control again. Even if for just a moment, she wanted to be aware of his fear and his pain.

The baron started at her weight atop him. “What the hell?” he muttered and tried to rise.

Grabbing his hands and pinning them beside his head, Leisha leaned down into his face. “I came back for the honeymoon, dear husband.” The dirt and thirst made her voice sound scratchy, but it only helped with her desired effect.

Laurence could not see in the dark, but Leisha saw his face. It was utter terror and panic shaking his cheeks, making his lips quiver. A cruel smile formed on Leisha’s face. She’d never allowed the hunger to rule her body. It seemed too cruel and inhumane. But Laurence made her more irate than any human had ever managed.

“You got to have your day with my fortune,” she crooned. “I hope you celebrated, because now is the time to pay the devil his due.”

Leisha could hear him whimpering, begging for her to let him go, but it was too late. The hunger was taking over her body and the only thing she was aware of was the distant sound of a man screaming and his flesh tearing.