Have You Tried Dog Yoga?

Yoga has long been utilized as a way to strengthen the body and mind, relieve stress and achieve mental and physical balance. As the exercise has become more popular, yogis have come up with different forms of yoga that provide unique benefits. Doga is one of these variations.

Doga or dog yoga, comes in several forms. You can help your dog into a yoga pose, you can use him or her to support your own poses, or, if your dog is really in touch with his inner self, he may be able to do his own pose. But whatever path works for you, it’s sure to come with benefits that will strengthen the pet-owner bond.

Benefits of Doga

Doga provides several benefits in the dog-owner relationship. Here are some to consider.

·  Improves the dog’s circulation

·  Provides exercise for dogs that are obese or injured

·  Provides stress relief for dogs and owners

·  Helps develop impulse control in dogs

·  Promotes bonding between pets and owners

·  Works as behavioral therapy

Many owners claim that dogs that do doga are calmer during activities like grooming and nail clipping, and more well behaved overall.

How to Get Started with Doga

You can start doing doga at home or you can join a class. If you can’t find a studio that offers doga classes, call around to see if there are yoga studios in your area willing to accommodate pets.

Working with a teacher will provide guidance on your doga journey, but here are some poses you can start out with if you’re going the “at home” route.


This pose resembles a push up and is meant to strengthen the back, arms, and core. Your dog may not be able to get into this pose in the traditional sense so have him lay on his stomach while you pet his back for a modified version.

Heart to Hound Mudra

For this pose, you will begin seated with your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your dog’s heart. Breathe slowly while closing your eyes. This will connect your energy with your dog’s energy.

Puppy Paw Mudra

The Puppy Paw Mudra requires your dog to lay on his stomach with his front paws extended. Kneel behind him with your head on his back and your hands on his paws. Turn your head to the side while breathing deeply. This is another great way to forge a connection.

The Right Products Can Help

Whether you do yoga with your dog or not, the right products can help you reach a deeper meditative state. Badger Yoga Meditation Balm Stick is a great example.  

Badger is a family-owned business that prides itself in using all natural, high-quality ingredients in their personal care products. Their Meditation Balm is designed to promote calmness and balance during the meditative process. It is formulated with an essential oil blend that supports inner peace.

Doga is a great way to build a bond with your pup. It provides beneficial physical and mental activity for both dog and owner. Will you be bringing this form of exercise into your routine?