Hollywood’s Top Five Diaper Changing Scenes

Changing a diaper isn’t usually fun unless it’s your own offspring. Still, Hollywood has had a field day building the lame cliché that dads (or men, in general) aren’t capable of changing a simple diaper. Let’s look at Hollywood’s top baby changing scenes that depict the fun times of changing diapers.

    1. Jesse and Joey’s First Diaper Change – Thanks to Three Men and a Baby, Full House made for some classic baby moments. This one shows teamwork between Uncle Jesse and Joey, peppered with Stephanie Tanner’s hilarious comments. While the incompetent Uncle Jesse and Joey wrap Michelle in paper towels, Stephanie steals the show.
    2. Mr. Mom – In Mr. Mom, we saw Michael Keaton attempt to do the typical chores associated with moms. In this scene, he turns to his two sons to find out where the diapers are. Armed with goggles and a trash bag, it looks like Mr. Mom is on his own.
    3. Three Men and a Baby – In this classic movie, Steve Gutenberg and Tom Selleck are at a loss for how to change baby Mary’s diaper. After using cotton balls to wipe Mary clean, the two finally figure out how to get a diaper on her, but it’s multiple sizes too big. That’s OK, Mary gets revenge when she pees as Selleck holds her up. This one was the scene-stealer in the film and much buzzed about when the movie was released decades ago.
    4. Life As We Know It – In this film, Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel inherit a baby to take care of after close friends die in a car accident. While the two aren’t entirely compatible (at first), this makes for a great story of the two arguing over how to properly care for a child. Remember neither has any experience with babies or kids, but we can see which character is willing to stick around and try. There’s nothing like being saved by the bell. We like this one because Duhamel does come around and proves to be a great father figure later in the film.
    5. The Change-Up – The Change-Up was released in 2011 and it seems the stigma of a male changing diapers is still something audiences get a laugh from. Jason Bateman is actually the Ryan Reynolds character in this scene, a bachelor who knows nothing about kids, which explains why he proceeds with caution. Still, the little lad ends up shooting poop onto Bateman’s face, making the scene the most graphic and grotesque on our list.

Hollywood loves to perpetuate the stereotype that dads or men can’t change a diaper. The truth is, this job is often outsourced to dads around the globe and many are happy to do it. Hollywood needs to understand that moms and dads have their good and bad days, but taking care of a child properly isn’t exclusive to moms.

Elana Cameron is an active parent and frequently changes diapers.  When she’s not changing diapers she’s writing for BabyStations.com
photo credit: brooklyn skinny via photopin cc