Best movie musicals in London

Musicals are one of the best sources of entertainment. Gradually, these are getting dwindled. But then again, London came up with oomph for propagating these shows. Many movies were made based on these stage musicals but are inept of carrying the weight of shows which lead to flops. Philharmonics are noble, humorous with arresting acts. At times, these shows steal the hearts with emotions and sentiments.

The best movie musicals in London are
Matlida: This is a classic novel by Roald Dahl which is admired by all the age groups and is recently reformed by Dennis Kelly in a very funny new style. The story is about a little girl named Matlida who is an intellectual; possess mystifying smartness and paranormal (supernatural) powers. She was disliked by her parents and on the other hand, wonders her school teacher in the course of her first term at school, the teacher and students have an ethical influence on each other’s lives.

Jersey boys: This is about 4 class boys who are working. From a wrong track, one of the boys becomes the best in pop industry and thus the story runs. The music in Jersey Boy’s was four seasons hit with ‘Big girls don’t cry’, ‘Sherry’, ‘Rag doll’, ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ and ‘oh what a night’. This is a completely magnificent show full of joie de vivre, power and pace.

Wicked: It is about two archetypal young women who meet at a university during graduation where their lives turn unambiguously threatening. The beginning of the show is similar to Harry Potter. Regardless of the age, one can enjoy this stunning show.

Les Miserables: This is the world’s longest seriatim musical and is translated in 21 languages. It constitutes of powerful stuff. It’s an outstanding conversion of ‘Victor Hugo’s’ must watch masterpiece. Indulge yourself with this emotional piece of art.

Aladdin – A wish come true: Visit the wonder world where a young yet poor chap falls in love with a princess; the story with a magical twist when the poor boy suddenly becomes rich with the help of a genie and some fun-loving and trust-worthy friends.

Burn the floor: It’s an intensified Ball room and Latin dance colossal which electrified millions of audiences in more than thirty republics. It takes the spectators on a jaunt over the zealous spectacle of dance.

Blood Brothers: It’s about the heart-rending tale of twins who get separated after their birth, brought up in different tracks. Lastly, when they meet each other, flashes hover. It’s simply tenacious, influential, mesmerizing and inspiring. The moments will be utterly heart-breaking.

Flash Mob: it’s a vast three week run dance show directed by the best of the pop’s Gary Lloyd. This vibrant show is bursting with energy enthralls you with the moves. America’s top dance troops take the stage.

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