Ideas to help make Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day is just around the corner  and is always a special time for the family. But this year why not try to make it even more memorable and go that one step further to make sure it’s the best one yet? Mother’s Day falls on March 18 in the UK this year so you’d better get moving…

Instead of just sticking to the tried and tested favourites such as a usual bottle of wine, chocolates and a card – not that there’s anything wrong with those of course – you can try personalising your gift to give it that extra special touch. Adding an engraving, personal message or other flourish to let your mother know it could only come from you is a great way to make a gift last a lifetime and show her how much she is appreciated.

Whether it be little presents like an engraved trinket box, a personalised key ring or something a lot bigger and extravagant – let’s face it, she deserves – like a personalised number plate or an bottle of champagne with her own special label, there are plenty of ideas out there that will make Mothers Day 2012 the best one yet if you just add a little bit of imagination.

If you think about some of her favourite things as well, that always shows an extra bit of thought and shows you pay attention for more than just one day a year. If she’s a music lover try getting a special edition album of one of her favourite artists or maybe a record that was number one when she was born. Prints by her favourite artist or a photo album of some of her favourite family photographs will also make winning additions to the home.

For many families the mother is the heart and soul of the household and even if you’re all grown up and moved out she has no doubt cooked thousands of meals for you, ironed countless items of clothing and done more than her fair share of chores for you.
So this year, turn the tables and do some of the work for her as a great way to say thank you which is bound to be appreciated. Simple gestures like letting her put her feet up and watch some telly while you give the house a spring clean will always be well received, or try digging out some of her favourite recipes to cook her a slap-up meal to savour. Or if you don’t fancy your chances in the kitchen you could even take her out for a slap-up meal and treat yourself at the same time too – just be sure to book in advance as it’s a busy day for pubs and restaurants.

If you want to take the pampering one step further then you could always leave it to the professionals. Instead of just letting her put her feet up, let her put her feet up somewhere luxurious and treat her to a massage, facial or some general pampering at a spa. That way Mothering Sunday will leave her feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, rather than exhausted and dreading the Monday blues like many Sundays do.

People always say that ‘mum knows best,’ but when it comes to treating your own mum then you will know better than anyone. Think about what she likes, add a sprinkling of imagination and some personal flourishes and you are bound to make sure that Mother’s Day 2012 is one to remember – as long as it makes your mother smile and feel appreciated then it will all be worth it.

This article has been produced by Mothers Day 2012 UK, a great website dedicated to Mothers Day.