The Power Of The April Birthstone: Diamond

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the diamond is the most powerful gemstone on the planet. Fortunes rest on them. People will do anything to own them. Some even die because of them. You cannot underestimate the demand for diamonds.

A diamond sparkles like no other, and has been a alluring gemstone that the most powerful people on Earth have coveted. What is it about diamonds that makes them so loved, and how have they become almost legendary in our lives? The answer lies in their properties, which have led to an attraction rivalled by few other commodities.

The origin of diamonds

Diamonds are made from carbon, and formed under incredible pressures and superheated temperatures. The result is a rough stone, which is then cut and polished, shaping it into the incredible stone that we know and love. Once set into a piece of jewellery, it will shimmer and beguile like no other gem. The most popular use of diamonds is for setting in engagement rings, a practice that has been commonplace for more than 50 years.

Diamonds are also known for their hardness. In fact, only other diamonds can scratch their surface. It is this hardness that gives the diamond its name, derived from the Greek meaning ‘unalterable’ or ‘unbreakable’. Because of this hardness, diamonds are also used for industrial applications, such as grinding and drilling. Due to the expense of diamonds, however, industrial diamonds tend to be manufactured instead of mined.

Diamonds: the April birthstone

Such a precious stone will have something of a mythology behind them, as you would expect. Diamonds are the birthstone for April, representing the qualities of those born in that month. As a birthstone, these personal qualities reflect those of the stone itself; toughness and strength, purity of spirit and clarity of vision. Diamond also represents an everlasting love, as enduring as the stone’s own invincibility.

Diamonds were also believed to possess magical properties. Their sheer brightness and lustre made them the most magical of stones. In India, they were used as talismans to ward off evil, or provide protection against physical harm. During the medieval era, they were even believed to cure illness by ingestion, with little success one would imagine.

While we’re not as superstitious or as ready to accept the ingestion of diamonds as palliative treatment, our love affair with these dazzling gems are far from over. The represent love and glamour, offering just a little extra sparkle into our lives.


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