Laser Tag for All

Do you love spending time with your family? Do you enjoy having fun and entertaining activities with them? With the countless things to do nowadays, there are so many fun and family friendly entertainment activities to choose from now. Anything from spending the whole day at a theme park, a carnival, a circus, a fair, the actual park, to going on vacation anywhere in the world, to going to the mall to watch a movie, to eating out at children’s playground restaurants, to even just staying at home and making popcorn to eat while watching a movie by the couch. So many things can be done now, as long as you are with your family and as long as you are having fun. There is however, one activity which is not only family friendly, but also fun, entertaining, and challenging at the same time. Not to mention, it tops a lot of family’s charts when it comes to family fun. That is none other than laser tag.

The Glorious Game That Is Laser Tag

Laser tag has definitely got to be one of the greatest games ever invented. If you have not played laser tag yet, now would be the perfect time to. Drag your family members along, even your friends, for with laser tag, the more, the absolute merrier.

Laser tag is quite a simple concept to wrap your head around on. The objective is for you to tag either enemy players or enemy teams with your laser gun, and score the most points possible in order to win the game. You are given a gun, which may vary from pistols to rifles to shotguns and more, depending on which laser tag place you play at; and you are also equipped with body armor, which has little tiny sensors attached to it. These tiny sensors are what other players or other teams try to shoot at for them to be able to score points. Once you get hit on one of these sensors, your gun shorts out for a few seconds, making you unable to shoot. When your gun shorts out for those couple of seconds, it is then that you know you have gotten hit by an opposing player or an opposing team. Laser tag operates on those mechanics, and there is only one rule: to have as much fun as you possibly can!

Laser tag, by nature, is a non-contact game, which means there should be no physical contact between opposing players and opposing teams. However, it is not completely prohibited by game rules to have physical contact; it is only highly discouraged and highly unnecessary.

Laser Tag as a Family Event

Now that you know what laser tag essentially is, there is no way that you should not make this into a family event. Not only is it family friendly, with its great mechanics, but it is also child friendly, and child safe, meaning that even your little ones can play this amazing game. Laser tag is truly a game which can not only bring entertainment to the family, but can, and will definitely bring out friendly competition among family members and all around fun.

What are you waiting for? Head to the nearest laser tag place near you now and start shooting! Pew Pew!

Laser tag is one of Julian Hartley’s favorite games.  He’s a writer and contributor for