Leisha’s Wedding Day – Africa, 30 AC

Leisha could not have been any happier. Her life felt euphorically complete as she snuggled up to her new husband in their new hut. Her father had helped Tafari build it as a wedding gift. Not many in the village were so fortunate as to have their own home when so recently married. Leisha had felt like royalty when her father had told her what his gift to them would be. The place was small, with only one room, but it was much more than she had ever dreamed.

She sighed as she thought of their wedding earlier in the evening. Since her father was the village shaman, he was able to marry them. It had been a simple ceremony, but the celebration afterward had lasted well into the night. She knew that her fellow villagers cared more for the drinking and dancing around bon fires than celebrating her marriage. She was not very loved amongst them, but she still had felt important as the guest of honor. She had, in fact, glowed with happiness. She laughed softly to herself as she realized she still glowed with that same feeling. She was free to love and be truly happy.

Tafari stirred from his light sleep and opened his eyes. Leisha gazed into his beautiful silvery blue eyes and grinned. “I believe I am in heaven, dear husband.”

He smiled back. “Is that where we are? The gods have favored us to give us a paradise to retire in together.”

She giggled like a little girl, then flushed at her silliness. Tafari stroked her cheek. “I love your fair skin, and how easily you blush. It is so very becoming.” He chuckled. “I did not realize that taking your virginity would make you blush so.”

Thinking of the pleasure she had shared with him earlier made her blush a bright red. Tafari laughed some more, a carefree, deep belly laugh.

“Tell me that you are turning red from pleasure and not from shame,” he teased.

“You know I enjoyed it,” she stated as she wrapped her arms around his neck and burrowed deeper into his arms.

“Yes, I noticed,” he said huskily. “Just thinking about all those sounds you made makes me want to have you again.” He stroked his hands down the length of her. “I feel like you are a magical instrument and that I am the only one who knows the secret of your wonderful music.”

Leisha’s heart began a more rapid pace as he began to nibble lightly on her ear. “Yes,” she purred. “You are the only one, Tafari. My love.”

He began to stroke her with his fingers and proceeded to pluck a melody from her that lasted all through the night.