Movie Review: Iron Man 3

iron_man_3Last weekend was when the highly anticipated movie, Iron Man 3 released. I normally don’t go to movies opening weekends, or even opening months, but my husband and I already had a babysitter and decided to see what the fuss was all about.

So far, I’ve enjoyed all the Marvel movies based on superheroes that form the team called The Avengers. Most of them have been well cast and superbly directed. This includes Iron Man and Iron Man 2. After the big movie, The Avengers, came out last year, I thought that would be it. After all, how can you top all of the heroes learning to work together to save the world from annihilation? So when I sat down to watch Iron Man 3, I was wondering if I was wasting my money.

But I was pleasantly surprised. Iron Man 3 had the same great actors (which always helps with sequels!) who did a fantastic job of portraying their characters. Robert Downy Jr. has simply nailed Tony Stark. While the character has made some great development in the last three movies (I’m including Avengers, in case you’re thinking my counting is off here), there was room for more in Iron Man 3. Tony Stark had some realistic anxiety issues as he’s learned that he’s not invincible. He and Pepper continue to try and work things out, though there are definitely some obstacles in their relationship.

What struck me about this particular movie was that it was more funny than the other ones. It seems to me that the comedy of Iron Man is arcing up – in a good way. The action sequences were phenomenal. Again, I was thinking  what more can they do? But the movie displayed new and unique fighting scenes. My personal favorite was the part where Stark only had parts of his suit to combat with. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Very well done!

The only plot hole that I could find was somewhat minor (thought the writer in me still wants some questions answered!) but I think it’s not too noticeable to most viewers. I don’t want to expound because I’d hate to give a spoiler, but if you want to have a discussion about it, feel free to comment on this post. 🙂

I understand a new director did this movie, Shane Black. Of course, we all know Shane Black for filming wonderful action flicks, like Lethal Weapon. He certainly added his talented flair to Iron Man 3.

So if you’ve seen the Twitter and Facebook posts, you’ll know that a lot of people have said how much they loved this movie. I’m going to have to add to the general consensus on this one. Iron Man 3 is my favorite of all the Iron Man movies. I definitely think it’s worth seeing, and we’ll probably buy it when it comes out on Blu-ray.