The Best Mixed Action Scenes In Cinema History

I know I’ve had a lot of posts about movies lately, but I think they can easily relate to writing novels. After all most movies are based on books. Anyway, enjoy this guest post!

There are many different types of action that film makers can utilise to grab the viewer’s attention – guns, swords, fist-fights, chase scenes and more. Sometimes, however, several of these are used in one scene, to great dramatic effect.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a fine example of this. As Bond goes after Sebastian Foucan, they begin with a chase on foot through a crowded market place. Leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, the two men leap and bound over stalls, pulling down awnings and scattering produce. Ending up on a building site, Foucan pulls a gun, but Bond goes one better. Stealing a bulldozer, he cuts a swath through the site, and as Foucan’s shots are all deflected by the giant shovel, he turns to run once more. A workman throws dynamite at the two fighters, but they dodge, and leave the explosion behind them. Foucan then proceeds to make a daring climb to the top of a crane, and leap down again in a series of improbable, but not impossible, jumps, leaving Bond hanging precariously many hundreds of feet in the air. Yet another chase ensues, this time through a residential building, and Bond finally gets his man – only to find himself in the sights of no less than six rifle holding men. (To embed)

The Matrix: Reloaded

In The Matrix: Reloaded, as Neo, Trinity and Morpheus aid in the escape of a man known only as ‘The Keymaker’, the fight begins in an underground garage. Knives are drawn, and the trio fight the deadly twins, who have the ability to make their forms insubstantial at will. Realising this form of combat is useless against such opponents, Trinity and Morpheus bundle the Keymaker into the back of a car, and the chase is on. Leaving Neo to fend off any enemies who are left behind, the rest begin a crazy chase down the freeway. At this point the guns come out, and the combination of bullets and petrol makes for some pretty impressive explosions. As the car becomes invaded, Trinity grabs the Keymaker and steals a motorbike from an unsuspecting rider. There follows an awesome display of driving skills as she weaves in and out of traffic, dodging bullets and fending off enemies, finally ducking between two lorries where Morpheus is waiting to haul the Keymaker to safety.  (To embed)

The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum is a two hour riot of action of all descriptions. From start to finish, it is jam-packed with fist fights, shoot outs, and chase scenes encompassing entire cities. Jason Bourne must defend himself against hundreds of attackers, in every way, shape and form. With explosions on every corner, martial arts skills not often seen in the West, and a plethora of pistols, rifles and other stolen weapons, Bourne is a hero for the new era. (To embed)

Many new movies have tried to emulate this dramatic mixture of action, and Vue cinemas bring you the best of the best.