Top 10 Novelty Twitter Feeds

  1. Danell Leyva’s Towel
  2. During the 2012 Summer Olympics, it was hard not to notice how attached gymnast Danell Leyva was to his security blanket. . . err I mean towel. In between performances on different apparatuses, Leyva would retreat underneath a gigantic blue towel covered in stars. This famous towel now has a voice of its own on Twitter exchanging witty banter with another hilarious Twitter feed, Tim Daggett’s Mouth.
  3. Bronx Zoo’s Cobra
    Last year, a cobra escaped from its enclosure at the Bronx zoo, making national headlines. This inspired someone out there to personify this famous reptile on a Twitter account. The cobra was captured shortly after escaping, but its still managing to send out new tweets to over 204,000 devoted followers.
  4. The Essex Lion
    So apparently there is a lion on the loose in England. Surprise, surprise! Someone got the bright idea to embody him in a Twitter feed. This legendary big cat types in all caps and amassed over 36,000 followers in only three days!
  5. Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin 
    If you can’t get enough of this sassy baby’s mouth, and his megalomaniac-like plans to take over the world, follow him on Twitter and get your fill of snippy commentary from baby Stewie. With over 17,000 followers, people seem to have a bizarre affinity for this angry infant.
  6. Darth Vader
    You don’t have to completely commit to the dark side to get close to Darth Vader from Star Wars. Vader seems to have the most interactive Twitterfeed out of all the novelty ones featured on this list. People seem to be inclined to confess their own evildoing to Vader. But not all of Darth Vader’s  417,000 followers so desperately seek the dark lord’s approval. Some people offer up token wisdom and sound advice like “@darthvader Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to chicken.” Who knows, maybe one of his devoted followers will melt his heart and change his evil ways.
  7. Sockington The Cat
    This is a house cat. With over a MILLION and a half followers on Twitter. Sockington’s Twitter is maintained by Jason Scott and written from the perspective of his cat. An average post looks something like this, “HOW CAN THIS NIGHT GET BETTER found some fluff danced for no reason in hallway wrestled a pillow WAIT COULD IT BE yes a lost kibble MUNCH”.  The Huffington Post reported that Jason Scott himself said that “Everybody wants this social media bubble. They want something where we’re all chattering so much that we all get rich,” says Scott. “And this cat makes everybody look like fools because he’s got hundreds of thousands of followers.” Maybe Scott’s reasons for making his cat a superstar are more cynical than they appear.
  8. San Francisco’s Fog
    This is perhaps my personal favorite of all novelty Twitter accounts. The tone and voice of the San Francisco Fog’s tweets are exactly what you would expect from the personality of fog. Reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe and his Gothic literary genre, this whimsical fog is poetic and thought provoking in its commentary. This is one of the best personifications of an element I’ve ever seen. With tweets like, “Blue moon, now I’m no longer alone, you are a guest in my sky, you are the one I dethrone.” This fog can hang about my house any day.
  9. The Universe
    This Twitter account puts a comical spin on the notion of omniscient narration. All seeing, and all knowing, this entity fills its Twitter feed with puns on expansion and The Big Bang Theory. The voice and tone this author has decided to attribute to the universe is cold, harsh, and unsympathetic. With tweets like “THE UNIVERSE IS A VACUUM OF SPACE, WITH TIDBITS OF HATE” unless you have a pretty dry sense of humor, you may want to stay clear of this rather abrasive and unforgiving Twitter feed.
  10. Tupac’s Hologram
    The biography of section of this Twitter account reads, “I rap and I’m a hologram.” That pretty much sums up this Twitter character. In April of 2012, rapper Tupac Shakur was “resurrected” at Coachella music festival in California during a headlining set by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Some thought the idea of taking Tupac’s hologram on tour and making huge profit from it, was a tad indelicate. He was assassinated, after all. Show some respect, people! But I still love this novelty Twitter feed.
  11. Voldemort
    That’s right folks, “He Who Must Not Be Named” found his way onto Twitter to spread his darkness to us muggles. Over 2 million people follow the Dark Lord’s tweets, while he of course, follows nobody. His tweets gripe about celebrity pop culture while weaving in references to Harry Potter culture. He is also quick to capitalize on our misfortune and offer up positions on the “death eater” squad as a condolence. Very creative, consistent tone.


Kristen Bright is a blogger from San Diego California, currently writing for Instant Checkmate. To follow Kristen and Instant Checkmate’s social media efforts, please follow on Twitter.