What Are the World’s Scariest Horrors?

Everyone’s view on horror films is different and the director and producers are performing for a certain niche and were never aiming for everyone’s approval. So, if you do like to give yourself a bit of a fright, these are some of the best horrors of all time.

Whether it’s a modern thriller or one of the classic black and white horrors they all have a place when it comes to fear.

To start with there is ‘Friday the 13th’ at number 25. This film has over a thirty year history with sequel after sequel. After the original where Pamela Voorhees is the killer, the story evolves putting her son Jason into murderous control as the perpetual hockey mask wearing slayer. He’s the guy that walks everywhere but always catches up with you.

There’s Wes Craven’s ‘Scream’ another movie that you horror fans seemingly can’t get enough of with the addition of Scream two, three and four. All four have been great with the ghost masked killer/s keeping you in suspense all the way through, these films never fail to make you scream.

Next there is a true oldie to add to the pile in the form of the 1931’s ‘Dracula’, maybe not the scariest film of all time but it is pretty much the original horror movie.

‘The Haunting’ (the 1963 original – the 1999 adaptation is pretty rubbish) if you want a horror film full of ghosts and ghouls rather than serial killing psychos this is the one for you.

‘Let the Right One In’ is another vampire thriller involving a 12 year old boy and a 12 year old girl – or does it? The 12 year old innocent that is Eli is in fact hundreds of years old (she’s a vampire). The relationship between the two is strange and unclear so you’ll have to watch and travel the twists and turns of the film to an all be it odd ending.

Maybe a film to watch with the lights on is ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, whether you choose to watch the 1984 original or even the newer 2010 version you’ll struggle to sleep after both. Freddy Krueger pursued and terrified people in their dreams; if they are unable to stay awake they’re shown the death card.

‘The Ring’ a film that needs no description; if you dare watch the film you’re half way there.

Maybe one of the bloodiest horrors would be ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, with furniture made from human skin to a slaughter house inside the house again for people. Leaving you on the edge of your seat you will be hiding behind a cushion for the duration of this film.

Then to the best horror of all time ‘The Exorcist’ although it was made in 1973 and nowadays doesn’t have the best graphics going, it is still just as disturbing as the day it was released. A young girl possessed by a demon, does anything more need to be said? If you dare to watch this unsettling movie, be prepared for the worst night sleep of your life.

This article was written for www.oneproductions.com – a corporate video production company – by Emma Sayers.