Top 10 Worst Movies of 2011

The year 2011 was about par for the movie industry: the movie-going public lined up for cinematic gems like Hugo and The Artist—and they also came to see movies that were frankly, not so good. The great movies of 2011 have mostly been given their due, commemorated with various awards, and praised by critics and civilians alike. As for the top 10 worst movies of 2011? Well, let’s run them up one more time:

1.     Jack and Jill

In the movie, Adam Sandler plays the lead roles of Jack and Jill. Jack is a commercial director who gets surprised by a visit from his twin sister. The sight of Adam Sandler playing the role of Jill in drag was tortuous, to say the least.

2.     Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star

2011 is simply just not a good year for Adam Sandler—he also wrote this aside from starring in it. A movie about a loser dreaming of becoming a porn star: not really that amazing, not even in theory.

3.     Sucker Punch

Those who enjoyed the generous shots of nubile flesh attired in rompers, short skirts and other articles of clothing which can titillate a Japanese businessman’s fancy may disagree with this nomination but really, Baby Doll? Oh, come on.

4.     Zookeeper

Kevin James absolutely kills on the small screen, but in this movie, he ends up being comedic road kill. It’s supposed to be a kiddie flick so the unfunny adult-theme jokes and wisecracks are just outré.

5.     Red Riding Hood

The Grimm brothers are shuddering in their graves. The twisted interpretation of a classic fairytale went horribly wrong. Amanda Seyfried was beautiful though.

6.     Your Highness

The Oscar curse strikes again! After winning the elusive gold statue for Black Swan, you’d think Natalie Portman will have more sense than to get involved with this vapid excuse of a screenplay. The male leads’ portrayal did not help too.

7.     Trespass

Nicole Kidman plays the role of discontented wife to Nicolas Cage’s diamond broker. Husband heavily mortgages their home unbeknownst to his wife. Their house is invaded by non-scary characters that couldn’t terrorize their way out of a paper bag. And it shows: Kidman and Cage are just going through the motions, even when they are waiting for the axe to fall.

8.     The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence

Somehow, the people behind this movie got so busy packing in the gore that they forgot to provide a plot. The only demographic that could love this one are boys who are going through the phase when they find anything disgusting fascinating.

9.     Breaking Dawn

Yes, we know, this is part of the wonderful Twilight saga. But while Breaking Dawn promised to deliver the long-awaited consummation of the human girl-vampire lover love story, it was strangely tasteless and unappetizing. And let’s not forget to mention the lackluster performance of the Cullen clan around the fading Bella. When the hybrid baby finally came, it actually felt anticlimactic, to tell you the truth.

10.  New Year’s Eve

Unfortunately for the impressive roster of stars that have been crammed into this flick, it turned out to be even worse than Valentine’s Day. And that is saying something indeed.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Movies of 2011

  1. Mark says:

    Pretty bang-on with your choice of worst movies. Although I did like Sucker Punch, but not for the reasons you didn’t like it. But I can understand why some would dislike it. But seeing as I’m an oldish male with teenaged nieces who are closing in on the age of the women in the movie, titillation was definitely not the reason for me liking this movie. So far, the director, Zack Snyder has delivered some very cool, and visually stunning movies. The fact that a studio funded this semi-complicated, geek-fan-boy mash-up pleases me to no end. Plus, the soundtrack was wicked too.
    I won’t go into detail, trying to dssect why the movie was good or not, or trying to discount your opinions. They are quite valid. The points you make were probably the only thing I didn’t like about the movie. All I will say it that not every guy who went to see that movie, went to see scantilly-clad, barely-legal girls. If I was prevy enough to want to see that, I’d get my fill of it on the internet, or watch some soapy, teen-tart melodrama on CW.

    • Adrienne says:

      As far as visually stunning goes, I must agree that Suck Punch nailed that area. But as I’m a plot oriented person, I couldn’t get into the story that well.
      However, you make some valid points yourself as to why people would like this move.
      PS. your comment about CW made me lol. 🙂

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