What Kind of Writer are You?

There have been so many times that I will read a classic, like something from Jane Austin or Alexandre Dumas, and just think “How did they do it?”

It might be a horrible thing for a writer to admit, but I think if I had been living in those times, I wouldn’t have pursued a writing career. I am not a great writer off the top of my head. I can get a great idea and start to write it, but the book just doesn’t become fabulous until it’s been through at least five revisions. So when I think of Jane Austen writing by hand, I wonder how many drafts she had to write before she sent it to the publisher. (I should also mention here, that I have horrible handwriting and I’m not sure if I would have been able to read all of my own work. Sad, but true!)

So first off, kudos to all those authors that used to write with a quill, pen, and even a typewriter. I’m of a spoiled generation where I get to use my computer with spell check, copy and paste, etc. I really don’t think I could make it happen without these wonderful tools at my disposal!

Anyway, that was a really long rant, but while I was thinking about this, it also brought my mind to a fun question: what kind of writer are you? Everyone has a different writing process. Some have to write an outline of their story before they can start. Others just start writing and see where the story is going to take them.

I’m a little more like the latter, with a small exception. While the story isn’t concrete before I begin typing away on the computer, I do like to have detailed bios of my characters before I begin. For me, the characters are the ones who make the story move along the way it does. Sometimes I’ll have an idea of where the plot is going, but once I get there, I just know that my character wouldn’t do X. Therefore, X won’t lead to Y, then Z. Instead my character would do A, which will take the plot to B, and so on. It’s amazing how many times I have changed my story around just because I feel like my character wouldn’t take a certain action. But it always seems to work better than how I had originally thought it, so I stick with this method.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what kind of a writer you are. I know one person that draws a picture of each scene before he begins writing a story. I’m crap at drawing, and so could never adopt that one. However, I do like to write diagrams of the setting so I can better describe it. I don’t usually do that until my first revision. I know another author who embodies the word of¬†organization. She will make an outline, draw pictures of the settings she’s planning to use, has notes of research about the settings, and complete character bios before she ever types the first word of her story. That’s probably the method I would have taken if I was living in the eighteen hundreds.

I should note that most authors are very good at doing research, but a lot of them tend to write as they do research or will write the story first, then do research to make sure it’s as realistic as possible.

Anyway, what is your method? I’d love to hear it!

5 thoughts on “What Kind of Writer are You?

    • eceeri says:

      Your writing style seems fine. But that’s not all there is to being a good wteirr. Depth of character, good plot and pacing, surprise, originality and many other things go to a great wteirr.To achieve the best writing you will need to read a lot of good wteirrs and learn from them. Having read thousands of books in my 46 years I can help you shortcut your reading list and point you to some of the best.I recommend reading the work of Stephen R. Donaldson (especially Chronicles of Thomas Covenant)and Frank Herbert (especially his later Dune books) if you want to see the best writing. Ib4m sure there are may other wteirrs you can learn from but these two are my personal favorites. When reading their work I am utterly convinced of the characters and plots. When reading their work I become completely absorbed and thoroughly enjoy every word. To be honest after reading their work I find myself very disappointed by almost all the other fiction I have read since.Good luck.a year of a intensive critical writing class.

  1. Doris says:

    Stories and scenes just arrive in my head. I usually work through most conflicts and dialogues in my mind before ever putting pen to paper. That may be due to being and actor and poet. We internalize so much. Did enjoy reading about your process. The more I learn the better I like it.

    • Ufuk says:

      I want to be a writer just like eveobyrdy else i have a group of friends who actually read my books and cant wait until i get done with a certain chapter or book. I want to know if there are more people like me who start writing a book and no matter what they cant stop writing they just have to finish the book. Even though the book maybe stupid and most likely doesn’t make any sense you just cant stop. Am I the only one who is addicted into writing a story? I have gotten to a point in which a person can say any word and I would be able to write a story on it. I want to know how do i get notice where are the good places you can go to get your books notice? And does anybody know how many pages it takes to make a pilot script for a tv series or movie? my guess 500 pages but i could be wrong? please respond i dont care if you think i am asking you ridicules questions that i should already know but i dont care?

  2. Ramon says:

    You sure have a writer in you as you have the vasuil aspect of what it takes to tell a story in you. And though I am aware that you wrote the story off your hat, ( for which it is quite commendable), but I would say you need to work on your plot structure for sure. Because as much as it is interesting to read green blades of grass or airy footsteps the vasuils they create maybe good but remember they are aids just to make your great story even greater. So do you have it in you to make a good story teller? you will have to work on it and find out. Can you make your stories interesting with the writing style you have, yes surely. I look forward to seeing your work on news stands one day hopefully! Best of Luck.a year of a intensive critical writing class.

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