Creating a Springtime Vibe with Layers and Accessories

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about packing away our heavy coats and thicker jumpers and accessories, replacing them with lighter layers, colourful accessories, and some more playful prints. With the warmer weather, comes the opportunity to have fun with fashion and add a touch of flair to our outfits. However, spring weather can be unpredictable, and if you want to stay warm, layering and accessorising are key. 

Light Layers

The best way to stay warm in spring is to layer up with lighter materials and close-fitting basics. Whatever the weather, start with a vest top, before adding springtime dresses and tights, or jeans, shirts, and light jumpers. 

These layers give you options to add or remove, but they are also a great way to have fun, mixing colours and prints, and wearing outfits that you might not usually put together. Don’t be scared to wear clashing colours, different textures, or even the dreaded double denim. 

Outdoor Accessories

You might want to pack away chunkier scarves, hats, and gloves, but outdoor accessories are still key. A light scarf in silk or cotton can help you to keep warm if there’s a breeze, or the weather turns. It will also look great and add both colour and sophistication to lighter jackets and everyday outfits. 


Jewellery is a great way to add some fun and glamour to any outfit. During the colder months, your jewellery choices might have spent a lot of time covered up by hats, coats, and thick layers, so you might be keen to add more jewellery to your springtime vibe. Cute pendants can elevate a simple t-shirt or cotton blouse, earrings can highlight your hairstyle and makeup, and rings are much more fun to wear when they aren’t covered by gloves all of the time. Take a look at this jewellers Hertfordshire for some trendy or bespoke options. 

Statement Pieces

Whether it’s a large clutch bag, a statement pendant, or an oversized checked scarf, statement pieces are eye-catching, fun, and a great way to make even a simple outfit look like something special. 


There are bound to be cooler days in the spring, but hopefully, there’ll also be a bit more sunshine. Oversized sunglasses give your outfit a spring vibe even if you are still wearing thicker layers. Make sure you’ve always got a pair to hand. 

Take Inspiration from Nature

Nature is a powerful muse, and nature has always been incorporated into fashion, in the prints and colours that we wear, as well as the materials. This spring, take further inspiration from nature with animal print tops and cute embroidery on denim and touches like bee pendants, broaches, or necklaces. 

Layering and accessories are the key to achieving the ultimate springtime vibe. This season, opt for light and airy layers, experiment with new accessories and have fun with fashion. By mixing and matching different pieces and adding a touch of nature, you can create a look that is both stylish and sophisticated.