A Home Like the Stars’ – Top Interior Design Trends in 2023

Interior design trends for 2023 mean two things: lighting and texture – and a harmonic blend of the two will ensure some exquisite aesthetic appeal. Of course, it’s not just about these two principles this year; other elements play their part in crafting opulent spaces and classic rooms to tantalize all tastes. 

Out of all the styles commanding celebration this year, the following come top. What’s more, there’s good news for mere mortals with modest budgets and not celebrity purse strings; many are irresistibly affordable to inject into the home.

Bright and Bold Lighting

Ideally, homeowners should try to focus on using natural light indoors. But not all homes have the benefit of floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights. Still, there’s a workaround; that’s where beautifully designed lamps and chandeliers save the day(light). 

In 2023, particularly in winter, oversized bulbs and feature lights that are as much art pieces as light sources are expected to be a big hit. The bigger and bolder, the better; there’s no such thing as “over the top” with lighting this year.

Soft Color

Granted, some people can’t get enough of vibrant, daring hues. That’s fine, of course, but interior designers recommend natural colors this year, intended for enjoying the serene lull of earthy tones. Natural shades are pleasing to the eyes, evoking a sense of calm. 

These colors also complement all aesthetics effortlessly; for example, these interior designers in Chelsea specializing in contemporary furniture and décor feature cool, natural tones throughout many of their products and designs, which is a focal point not only in 2023 but also one projected to continue as a trend into the coming years. As you can see, this look works across all room and furniture types.

However, for folks full of flamboyant flair who can’t resist vivid tones, sticking within the safety zones of tranquil blues and mellow greens is still an option – and it kills two birds with one stone. These easy hues facilitate color without going overboard or breaking the 2023 trend, staying within the cool constraints of calm vibes which is what this year is all about. 


A house is no longer a place to retreat to for eating and sleeping; it’s a palace in which to live. That’s why one of the biggest interior design trends in 2023 is stylish functionality – think retro-meets-spaceship-like gaming rooms, luxurious home movie theaters, home gyms, and home spa-sauna spaces. 

These additions are all about incorporating leisure, relaxation, and multi-functionality in the home – making it a place where dwellers can truly enjoy life, not simply exist in between going to work and running errands.


It’s official: geometry and straight lines are boring. This year, curves are all the rage, and they’re not even difficult to include throughout the home. With this style, less is more – no need to renovate or remodel the whole house. A single arched doorway, a funky furniture piece, or curvy artwork will do just nicely.


The positive effects of nature on mental health are known. But you don’t have to spend all day in the garden to reap the benefits; why not bring mother nature inside? 

Indoor plants, flowers (fake or real, it doesn’t matter), interior gardening, and even earthy artworks can transform your living room or bedroom into a five-star resort. Thanks to the mood-enhancing advantages of greenery indoors, it’s no surprise this element of design is set to soar.