What You Need for a Family Kitchen

Whether you have recently started a family or you are moving into a new home with the plan to refurbish everything to suit family life, it might come as no surprise that a single occupant or a couple could need a lot less from a home than a family might.

Families take up room, need space, and also need adequate equipment to be able to provide for their needs, which means that a family kitchen needs to be able to provide these things and cope with the heavy traffic that comes along with it.

From family meals and homework nights to that late-night bottle of wine or secret stash of soda when the kids are asleep – your dream family kitchen awaits; you just need to consider some of these changes!

A Durable and Robust Core

The kitchen can be where much of the magic happens, so having surfaces, furniture, and equipment that can handle this is going to be a must. For example, if you have toddlers running around, maybe don’t opt for a glass-top table. If you are cooking for what feels like ‘the five thousand’ every evening, you will want a worktop that can handle all that chopping and then some.

Speak to a professional to get their expert recommendations on work surfaces that last but also look the part. Take a look at kitchen design services in St Albans for more information.

Wipe Clean Walls 

If you have little ones, you will already know how important ‘wipe clean anything’ can be. Those sticky little fingers can somehow find their way into anything, and trying to get the residue off afterward can be a nightmare. Investing in wipe clean walls in your family kitchen will be both a great time and sanity saver.

A Place to Eat

Unless you have a separate room in the house dedicated to eating, it is most common to have a table or an island in your kitchen for your meals. If you have a family, this can be important. Eating your meals together facilitates bonding time and can give everyone a chance to catch up on their day. 

Ensure there is enough room for everyone to comfortably sit, and make sure there are minimal distractions.

An Area to Relax In

The kitchen is a great place to relax for adults and an excellent spot for children to play in, especially if they are into things that are a little messy such as arts and crafts or science experiments! Having that extra space to decompress or play can make a real difference in the home, especially if you are hosting for yourself or your children have friends over. 

It is an informal area that is cozy enough and allows people to stop in for a coffee without having to sit down somewhere more intimate such as the front room.

Your family kitchen can be a real heart of the home if you take these steps into consideration for a great space.