Unique Skill Set Leads Elizabeth Colina to Success in Digital Marketing Agency

Transitioning from one industry to another can be a challenging endeavor, but for Elizabeth Colina, it was a journey that proved to be both fulfilling and rewarding. As a trained architect, she never imagined that she would end up running a successful digital marketing agency, let alone ventures in SaaS (Software as a Service) and loyalty gamification platforms. However, with her unique skill set and self-taught marketing approach, she built a thriving business with her business partners.

Throughout her journey, Elizabeth’s ability to think outside the box and solve problems has been invaluable in her ventures. Her background in architecture gave her a unique perspective on design, problem-solving skills, and understanding of human behavior, which translated well into creating visually stunning mobile web experiences and branding for clients. As she continued to expand her skill set and build relationships within each industry, she has proven herself a successful entrepreneur and innovator.

From Architecture to Digital Agency

Elizabeth’s experience in architecture gave her a unique perspective and skill set that she applied to her work in the digital agency space. As she learned more about design, understanding human behaviors and construction management, she started self-teaching marketing, and used those skills with clients. Along with her business partners, they started delivering digital agency services to clients and networking within the industry. Utilizing her background in architecture, Elizabeth employed a problem-solving mindset and an understanding of people’s behavior to formulate innovative solutions for her clients.

SaaS Companies and Universal Music Group

Elizabeth’s next venture was in the SaaS space, allowing her to expand her skill set further. She and her partners started looking at different platforms to connect brands, rewards, music, and more. Elizabeth’s experience as a marketing design freelancer for Universal Music Group also gave her valuable insights into the music industry and how to position global recording artists uniquely. Through networking and building relationships with clients, Elizabeth and her co-founders were able to start their own SaaS company and continue to innovate in this space.

Loyalty Gamification Platform

One of Elizabeth‚Äôs previously acquired ventures was in the loyalty gamification platform, combining her design, marketing, and product development skills. She and her team have built a SaaS platform that engages users through gamification and rewards, helping businesses to increase customer loyalty and engagement. Elizabeth’s experience in architecture also comes into play as she applies her creative approach to designing unique user experiences within the platform.

Building a Thriving Agency

As pioneers in the real estate industry, Elizabeth and her partners founded Razz with a vision to revolutionize the market. They initially focused on developing websites for clients in the Universal and Corona areas. However, they quickly realized that they could leverage their unique backgrounds in music and Fortune 500 branding to bring a fresh perspective to the multifamily real estate space. Their innovative approach set them apart from other companies in the industry, and they began building an agency to service this platform. Since then, Razz has become a thriving business with a growing client base in multifamily real estate, thanks to their unique and successful approach.


Elizabeth’s journey from architecture to entrepreneurship shows that anyone can succeed in a new industry with determination and a willingness to learn. Her background in architecture gave her a unique perspective and skill set that she applied to her work in a digital agency, SaaS, and loyalty gamification platform ventures. Elizabeth Colina has proven herself a successful entrepreneur and innovator by continually expanding her skill set and building relationships within each industry.